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ABBYY Expands Mobile OCR Utilities for the iPhone

June 02, 2011

New Applications Allow iPhone Users to Instantly Extract Text from Various Printed Sources, Capture Postal Addresses On-the-Go and Search them on the Maps


ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, document capture, and linguistic technologies and services, has expanded the popular series of ABBYY Mobile OCR Utilities for the Apple® iPhone® with the addition of two new applications. ABBYY TextGrabber automatically extracts text from a variety of printed materials to help users easily edit, search and share information while on the go. New ABBYY StreetGrabber instantly transfers street addresses from a magazine page, an ad, or a signboard directly to the iPhone making them available for further use.


ABBYY Mobile OCR Utilities for the iPhone capture data by using the device’s camera or retrieve them from photos stored in the device’s memory. Based on ABBYY’s own award-winning Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, they deliver accurate and fast recognition of text and contact information.


ABBYY TextGrabber turns iPhone into a multifunctional on-device mobile scanner with support for 61 recognition languages. It allows users to not only recognize and edit texts but also easily look for additional information on a term or name found in the text through mobile search. A user can also copy or save recognized text to a mobile text editor or the Notes folder on the iPhone for further editing, or send it to another contact via email.


“Our new mobile OCR products, like ABBYY TextGrabber, help iPhone users to easily obtain and immediately use printed information wherever they are,” said Olga Tolstunova, deputy director of the Mobile Products Department at ABBYY. “We look to extend the benefits of mobile OCR beyond the traditional uses to show how the technology can simplify many of the day’s common tasks.”


ABBYY StreetGrabber captures postal addresses from signage, business cards or other printed materials and makes them usable in the maps. As with the other of the new Mobile OCR Utilities, ABBYY StreetGrabber allows users to save newly captured street addresses to the iPhone address book, copy them to an other application, or send them immediately via email or SMS.


With the announcement of ABBYY TextGrabber and ABBYY StreetGrabber, the ABBYY Mobile OCR Utilities series for the iPhone is made up five applications, including ABBYY LinkGrabber, ABBYY PhoneGrabber, and ABBYY MailGrabber. Each of them enables the user to capture specific type of data and transfer them directly to the iPhone for further use.


ABBYY Mobile OCR Utilities (ABBYY LinkGrabber, MailGrabber, PhoneGrabber, StreetGrabber and TextGrabber) for the iPhone are available via the Apple AppStore, accessible through iTunes®.

The compatible devices include the Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (iOS 4.0 or later). Supported interface languages are English and Russian. For more information about the product, visit


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