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ABBYY Launches Smart Tool to Capture Images and Text from the Screen

October 28, 2008

ABBYY launches ABBYY Screenshot Reader, a smart and simple software tool for capturing images and texts from any part of the PC screen.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader Captures Image Screenshots plus Text Screenshots From Any Item Displayed on the Computer Screen

ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic software, today announced the worldwide availability of ABBYY Screenshot Reader, a smart and simple software tool for capturing images and texts from any part of the PC screen. ABBYY Screenshot Reader combines convenient functionality of taking screenshots with the benefits of ‘instant OCR” (optical character recognition), an intelligent technology which accurately converts printed text on images into editable text files. As a result, the program enables users to take not only traditional “image screenshots” but also “text screenshots” with a simple point-and-click operation. ABBYY Screenshot Reader is the first standalone screenshot application to accurately capture text from any type of image file.

“Using ABBYY Screenshot Reader, people can take advantage of information on their computer screens in completely new functional ways,” explained Sergey Popov, director of the desktop OCR products department at ABBYY. “It is now surprisingly easy to get ready-to-use images and texts from any source – Web pages, file menus, PDF documents, image files, flash animation and presentations.”

Image screenshots taken by ABBYY Screenshot Reader can be easily saved in popular formats including JPEG, BMP and PNG for use in brochures, presentations and other documents. They can be pasted directly into open applications such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®, or automatically sent as e-mail attachments for rapid sharing with friends and colleagues.

Text screenshots from images and parts of PDF documents or Web sites can be quickly and easily captured and saved as separate DOC, TXT, RTF or XLS files. Users can also save text screenshots to the clipboard and then paste them into any open text-based application such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel®, PowerPoint, and HTML editors. This is ideal for using statistical tables from a Web site in a presentation or capturing a small portion of text from a PDF file. ABBYY Screenshot Reader “reads” texts in 179 languages and is the first screenshot application to include multilingual text conversion technology (converting texts written in more than one language).

A user-friendly interface and set of options allow users to easily select the required task (e.g. “Text to Microsoft Word” or “Image to Clipboard”) and the area to take a shot of (e.g. “Window”, “Area” and “Screen”). Additionally, it offers “Timed Screen” capture, in which the program delays its capture of screenshots to give users time to arrange items displayed on the screen. The program can be preset to launch at start up and accessible with a single mouse-click on the icon in the menu.

Underlying the Screenshot Reader’s powerful text capture capabilities is ABBYY’s award-winning optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which is used in professional document conversion programs such as ABBYY FineReader. This technology is also at work in other useful applications from ABBYY, including programs which transform digital photographs of text into text files or convert books and documents into searchable digital archives. The incorporation of ABBYY OCR technology ensures high accuracy of text recognition and conversion.


ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a Windows-based tool and is now available worldwide through the ABBYY Web site. For more information, please visit

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