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ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 Raises the Bar in Multi-Page PDF Conversion

May 19, 2009

New Version Delivers Intuitive Tools to Easily Convert, Create, Modify and Secure PDF Files Empowered with Innovative Technology for Document Structure Re-creation

ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic software, today announced PDF Transformer 3.0, a new version of its award-winning PDF conversion and creation application. This version brings groundbreaking technology enhancements to PDF conversion making it more accurate than ever before. With ABBYY’s Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT®), PDF Transformer 3.0 is the only product in its class to re-create logical structure, text flow and consistent formatting of documents across multiple pages when converting PDFs. In addition to its superior conversion functionality, the new version delivers greater flexibility to create and modify PDF documents according to user needs. It also offers advanced features for secure editing and archiving PDF files including the ability to redact sensitive information in PDF documents, add specific attributes such as stamps and bates stamps, compress PDFs and save documents to searchable PDF/A format for long-term preservation.

“Combining powerful technologies with a simple, intuitive interface, ABBYY PDF Transformer provides unrivaled quality and simplicity of any operation with PDF documents,” said Sergey Popov, director of FineReader products department at ABBYY. “It is a versatile and flexible tool designed for a broad audience ranging from corporate users which need to streamline workflow processes and reduce operating expenses in their organizations to individual users who want to quickly and accurately extract information from PDF documents.”

Based on ABBYY’s innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, PDF Transformer accurately converts any type of PDF files into fully-formatted, editable documents in 184 languages. It features full integration with the popular Microsoft Office applications and allows users to convert and create PDFs directly from within the applications in one click.

ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 delivers significant improvements in conversion accuracy and overall functionality:

Intelligent Re-creation of Document Structure and Formatting

Leveraging ABBYY’s unique ADRT technology, PDF Transformer 3.0 intelligently re-creates logical structure and formatting of multipage documents when converting PDF to Microsoft Word and Excel. PDF Transformer treats a multipage document as a single entity rather than a set of separate pages. As a result, it accurately reproduces native Microsoft Office formatting attributes such as headers, footers, page numbering, footnotes, captions to images, fonts and styles and therefore enables users to easily modify the resulting document. Page numbers are automatically updated if users add or delete pages from a document. Footnotes and captions are intelligently linked to their corresponding content. If the content is moved or deleted, the corresponding footnote or caption will be moved or deleted accordingly. Fonts and font styles from different parts of a document are detected and correctly reconstructed in the resulting document.

Combining and Appending Documents

The program delivers extended functionality for creating and modifying PDF documents according to the user’s specific needs. A user can now easily combine multiple documents of different formats into one PDF document or append a new file to an existing PDF without the need to rework the document.

Powerful MRC Compression and PDF/A Support

ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 offers new powerful capabilities to optimize PDF documents for file sharing and archiving. It enables conversion of office documents and image-only PDF files to searchable PDF/A format for long-term document preservation. In addition, by leveraging its new MRC compression technology, users can reduce the size of a PDF up to 10 times to preserve valuable storage space.

Redaction of Sensitive Data

Legal firms, government agencies and departments, financial services companies, healthcare and business customers can use ABBYY PDF Transformer to reliably redact confidential information from both text and image layers of a PDF document.

Stamping and Bates Stamping

With PDF Transformer, a user can easily mark and identify documents with copyrights or status by applying customized stamps with any text, position or color. A new bates stamping feature also provides identification, protection and auto-increment numbering of valuable documents.

The Widest Language Support

This new version of ABBYY PDF Transformer accurately recognizes and converts documents in 184 languages including a variety of languages with Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, as well as Greek, Armenian, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. To simplify the user experience when working with the application, it also provides automatic language detection on both single-language and multilingual documents.

Other new features delivered in PDF Transformer 3.0:

  • Enhanced table reconstruction
  • Improved user interface
  • Microsoft Office 2007 ready
  • Support for PDF 1.7

Bonus for Registered Users: ABBYY Screenshot Reader™

ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 comes with a bonus application for registered users — ABBYY Screenshot Reader, an easy-to-use utility for quickly capturing images and text from the screen.  More than a typical screen capture program, Screenshot Reader can convert snippets of screenshots into text using ABBYY’s OCR technology. It is an ideal utility for clipping bits of text for use in flashes, presentations and other documents.

System Requirements

  • PC with Intel™ Core 2/Pentium®/Celeron®/ Xeon™, AMD K6 / Turion™/ Athlon™/Duron™/ Sempron™  or compatible processor (1 GHz or higher)
  • Operating System:  Microsoft® Windows® Vista, Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008, Windows® Server 2003, Windows XP. (To work with localized interfaces, corresponding language support is required.)
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM.
  • Hard disk space: 500 MB for typical program installation and 512 MB for program operation.
  • Video card and monitor (min. resolution 1024×768)

Availability and Pricing

ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 is available through ABBYY’s online store, select retail outlets and resellers worldwide. For detailed product information or to download a free trial version of the application, visit

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