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Jouve Group and ABBYY Europe Announce Strategic Technology Partnership

July 11, 2008

Jouve Group and ABBYY Europe announce strategic technology partnership.

The Jouve Group, an international company specializing in information technology, and ABBYY – a leading provider of artificial intelligence technologies and products for document recognition, data capture and linguistics – have formed a partnership which combines their expertise to offer a comprehensive digitization solution for national libraries.     


This strategic partnership is focused on mass digitization projects (scanning and conversion of text into searchable and editable file formats), and has been initiated by European libraries wanting to enrich their heritage collections and enhance their abilities to search and access to information within their collections.


A recognized leader in this market, the Jouve Group, who has a strong culture and reputation for excellent service, was looking for the best possible partner in Europe, in order to ensure the same level of excellence for its clients.


To this end, Jouve Group and ABBYY are collaborating to offer a conversion solution which is ideally adapted to the specifications and characteristics of various documents available in the libraries (multilingual recognition of more than 190 languages, including recognition of texts printed in old European fonts such as Gothic fonts).


The resulting integration of ABBYY FineReader Engine and ABBYY’s core recognition technology with the Jouve Character Recognition (JCR) system offers a unique solution for digital libraries in Europe. This technology solution will be supported through close coordination between teams within the companies focused on industrial book conversion.


JOUVE and ABBYY Europe plan to extend the partnership to support additional market sectors with the immediate near-term focus on working with libraries.


“Jouve wanted to integrate the ABBYY FineReader XIX module for black letter font recognition, which supports the recognition of old European fonts such as Gothic,” explained Benoît Drigny,Director of Digitalisation Activity at the Jouve Group. “ABBYY’s software is currently the best solution on the market and was easily integrated with our own multi-OCR system. This co-operation allowed us to address the growing needs of the European digital libraries by offering them the most efficient assembly line conversion solution”. 


“Enabling easier access to cultural content has become a priority for a lot of libraries. They are now aware that accessing information quickly, through a centralized process, is one of the main challenges for the future,” explained Jupp Stoepetie, Chief Executive Officer for ABBYY Europe. “The only solution for them is to accelerate the digitalization process of their collections. Therefore, libraries expect not only a high recognition and export quality, but also the ability to digitalize large amounts of documents quickly. The combination of both ABBYY’s and Jouve’s expertise ensures that we will succeed in our mission to serve the public services.”

About Jouve

The Jouve Group, service provider for the information industry, meets all the needs of companies, institutions, and editors producing and publishing information. In order to enhance their contents, Jouve obtains, manages and publishes this information on paper, digitally, on PDA or CD-ROM worldwide. With over 1400 employees, the Jouve Group reached a total revenue of nearly 110m EUR in 2007.


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