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Xtec Certified as ABBYY Reseller in Luxembourg

May 24, 2005

Leading integration services provider to support ABBYY FineReader, FormReader and FlexiCapture Studio products for text recognition, forms and semi-structured document processing 

ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition and linguistic technologies, today announced that it has certified Xtec as a reseller partner in Luxembourg.

Xtec, a leading provider of document processing integration and consulting services, has completed training to be certified as a Technology Partner for ABBYY Europe. In this role, Xtec will serve as a value added reseller of ABBYY FormReader and ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio products, providing customized integration and development services for ABBYY and Xtec customers.

Xtec will also serve as a reseller of ABBYY's desktop optical character recognition (OCR) products, ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition and Corporate Edition. Xtec will promote these products to corporate and small office users and will be certified as a volume licence provider as part of the ABBYY Licence Program for FineReader volume licencing.

ABBYY FormReader is turnkey solution for fixed or "templated" form processing. The product applies ABBYY's high performance recognition technologies to extract key data from form fields for import into databases and information management systems. Extremely easy to set up and deploy, FormReader provides a cost-effective solution for processing a wide range of forms such as questionnaires, exam papers, applications, and other forms following standard template. ABBYY FlexiCapture Studio extends the capabilities of ABBYY recognition technologies to process a wide variety of semi-structured documents or forms - documents containing similar sets of information but having varying formats and layouts from page to page. Using FlexiCapture's intelligent technology, customers can use FlexiCapture to process documents such as invoices, shipping orders, or templated contracts. ABBYY solutions are a vital component of a majority of document processing implementations, and enable companies to convert paper and electronic documentation into text and data that can be archived, classified, indexed, or searched.

Xtec will assist its customers by facilitating integration and deployment of FormReader and FlexiCapture technologies. The company now has qualified expertise in various areas of form and semi-structured document processing including advanced integration and template creation.

"ABBYY is clearly the market leader in document recognition and data capture, and this was the impetus for us to start working together," said Philippe Schweitzer, Head of Operations at Xtec. "We have tested ABBYY technologies with our current projects and have seen solid, high quality results with each implementation. We're convinced that partnering with ABBYY is the right direction for us to take in moving our services and our customers forward."

Jupp Stoepetie, managing director for ABBYY Europe, underlines the importance of this partnership: "Xtec has a strong presence in the Luxembourg market and a great track record in building and managing large-scale document processing infrastructures. As we hope to see ABBYY products play an increasingly large role in these implementations, we look forward to working with them."

ABBYY FineReader is a desktop OCR product that converts scanned documents, image files, and PDF files into editable or searchable data. FineReader products deliver extremely high recognition accuracy saving the time spent manually inputting and correcting data. The products offer an intuitive interface and export into a variety of popular file formats. These award-winning products are sold throughout the world and have received more than 100 awards from IT press.

Xtec, founded in 2001, is one of the most active companies in the documentary engineering sector in the Benelux region. The company focuses on document engineering, installing global document or information management solutions for a wide range of companies. Hosting a strong background in processing and managing digital content, the Xtec team brings its customers many years of expertise working with documentation standards (SGML/XML/CALS/XSL) and document processing systems such as Arbortext, Java, Advent, and Kofax. Xtec services include deployment of systems for document workflow, electronic multimedia diffusion (dynamic Web services, CD-ROM, postscript and PDF) and Electronic Content Management The company supports a global customer base with offices in both Luxembourg and Bucharest.

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