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ABBYY and NVSSoft solution reads IDs to ensure stable communications in Kuwait

BPO/Service Providers | ID Recognition

Customer Overview

Name Telecommunications Service Provider
Headquarters Kuwait
Industry Information & Communication
Products and Services Telecommunications services

Partner Overview

Name NVSSoft
Products and Services Multilingual information management solutions

Automate processing of ID cards


ABBYY FineReader Engine

  • Automatic processing of 1.5 million identity documents per year
  • Minimal staff resources
  • 9 times increased processing speed

The communication technology has come a long way from domesticated pigeons to wires and virtual networks. The significance of proper connection for people and business is growing day by day. Telephones, internet, e-mails, faxes etc. make up a company’s central nervous system, without which it couldn’t compete or survive in the information service-dependent economy. Telecommunications has many roles, including transmitting information, improving efficiency and productivity and helping businesses expand. Kuwait, for example, has taken steps to develop a digital economy with the development of national level policies for e-health and e-government as well as a number of services now available online.

One of the local companies, a leader in telecommunication services both in the country and throughout the Gulf region, takes a considerable share of the market by offering an innovative range of advanced mobile, internet and corporate managed products and services tailored to the needs of local customers and businesses. In order to keep the leading position and widen their clientele the company made a decision to make their services more available at the very initial step – signing a service contract.


1 year

for the full integration

10 times faster

than manual processing

1.5 million

ID per year

100.000 IDs per Month – a Challenge or Not?

Mobile represents the majority of total broadband connections in Kuwait. According to the Internet World Statistics the number of internet users in Kuwait has grown from 5.8% in 2000 up to 75.6% in 2014. More and more people become telecommunication services subscribers and there is no need to explain how complicated it is to register the contract, to say nothing of the whole procedure. It takes an operator considerable time to find the necessary information in an identity document of different layouts and languages (Arabic and English in case of expats and foreign guests) to retype it into the system.

At the same time monthly workflow of the services is 100.000 clients and the same amount of identification documents for manual processing – intolerable amount for fast service. Besides, during manual processing all the documents are sent from local offices to the central processing point which requires additional time and costs.

And finally, due to human factor, operators, who entered the data manually, couldn’t ensure strict quality and data accuracy control even after double verification, thus posing a risk of inaccurate data, including all possible negative consequences.

In order to overcome the above mentioned issues and maintain fast customer service the company initiated automation of ID processing.

• IDs and passports were copied at a sales point (car rental or currency exchange);
• The paper copies were shipped to the central office for centralized scanning;
• Operators manually retyped data from the scans into the system to verify information against the registration data base and audit.

ID Processing Automation in Details

The project was conducted by NVSSoft – a trusted UAE-based provider of multilingual information management solutions for the Middle East – partner of such industry leaders as Fujitsu and ABBYY. The team created an integrated customized web solution for the ID capture process based on NVSSoft ArcMate Data Center Document Management System, TABS telecom system, Oracle Database and ABBYY Arabic OCR solution.

The choice of every element of the system was very serious and important: “ABBYY provided the best OCR quality for Arabic documents that is why we integrated ABBYY FineReader Engine,” explained Hani Kadah, Product Manager, NVSSoft. This characteristic was critical to ensure data accuracy for the following audit trails and reports on the work of the services.

The environment was aimed at decentralizing and fastening the document capturing process, while maintaining strict quality control. The whole process was organized the following way:

• Right on the site sales clerks scanned customer’s documents and forms using remote scanning stations distributed in sales’ outlets.
• The scanned documents instantly got into electronic archive instead of having to ship the paper to centralized scanning centers.
• At the sales point the employee initiated automatic extraction of the necessary data from the scanned IDs and forms in English and Arabic with the help of ABBYY OCR and data capture technology.
• At the quality assurance point the extracted data on transactions were verified Oracle database and then an auditor flagged them with a proper status – “Done” or “Mistake”.
• The transactions flagged with “Mistake” were processed in a special windows service and updated with a proper status “Violated”.
• As a result the system generated 100% accurate audit trails and reports 10s times faster than manual processing.

Fast Services and High Quality Make a Happy Client

Mr. Mhd. Samer Al Siouty, CEO, NVSSoft, underlined the importance of high quality of Arabic OCR as one of the core elements of the solution: “NVSSoft is committed to serving the local markets and offering native support for Arabic Language”.

Thanks to its simple API and flexible architecture, ABBYY FineReader Engine seamlessly integrated into the system with direct connections to Oracle Database, NVSSoft ArcMate Data Center DMS and TABS telecom for easy data processing and analysis. ABBYY Arabic OCR solution provided instant and precise capture of ID number, full name, date of birth, nationality, expiry date and other necessary information thus making services more attractive and valuable for the end user.

The full integration of the new system of sales branches automation into customer’s workflow took NVSSoft 1 year – from proof of concept till final adjustments and reaching 100% capacity. At the moment the entire network of car rental services and currency exchange offices in Kuwait processes over 1.5 million local and international identity documents per year with minimal staff resources and maximum quality and speed.

“The solution was critical for the customer due to lots of time and cost savings by decentralizing the document capturing process, while maintaining strict quality control.”
Hani Kadah, Product Manager, NVSSoft
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