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Salvatory pill for insurer — ABBYY FlexiCapture® improves paper workflow

Insurance | Document Management

Customer Overview

Name Insurance company
Headquarters Malaysia
Industry Insurance

Partner Overview


To boost efficiency when processing documents in English, Chinese and Malaysian


Development of a complete data processing system based on KODAK scanners, SYMANTECTM security control system, and ABBYY FlexiCapture as the core element for document processing and data capture

  • The productivity increased by 25%
  • Up to 800 000 pages are processed per month (which amounts to almost 10 million pages per year)

A leading life insurance organization in Asia and one of the Malaysia’s largest life insurers with an almost century-long history has a welltrained team of more than 2 000 staff and serves 3 million customers nationwide. Since the 1980s, the insurer has been successfully operating a network of 43 branches which are connected in an information network that allows to provide online support in real time, both to their policyholders and representatives. Moreover, the company was one of the first insurers in Malaysia to be fully computerized. As the next step of constant improvement and innovating, the insurer has been taking efforts to automate crucial paper business processes, i.e. processing clients’ papers, claims and other insurance documents.



pages processed per month


recognition languages


increase in productivity


Over 500 000 documents were submitted in paper form in English, Chinese and Malaysian every month to all the branches. In order to cope with the growing volume of documents, the company had to organize a huge processing centre. Nevertheless, it took too much time to deliver documents from the branches and extract the necessary data. Despite already using a different document automation and OCR solution, the client lacked the quality of recognition, which still required double manual verification. Following the modern market trend, the insurer decided to delegate the task to the professionals — a BPO company. The choice was made in a favour of Fuji Xerox — a leading company in the Document Services & Communications field in the region. With the industry’s broadest selection of hardware, software and services, Fuji Xerox has huge experience and expertise in the sharing of knowledge and documents through easy conversion of these to an electronic format. This concept fully coincides with the mission of their strategic data capture technology partner — ABBYY.


For this project, the service provider implemented a complete system including KODAK scanners, backup solution, SYMANTECTM security control system, firewall, router, server, internet line, other customization programs and the core element for document processing and data capture — ABBYY FlexiCapture.

The team working with ABBYY solution involved only 29 operators for scanning stations and 28 for verification stations. All other steps were fully automated.

Upon receiving paper documents in 3 different languages (English, Chinese, and Malaysian) the Fuji Xerox team scanned them and registered them in the database. After scanning, ABBYY FlexiCapture recognized the images and extracted the required data for further processing and indexing. Featuring ABBYY’s award-winning recognition and classification technologies, as well as offering built-in validation rules, FlexiCapture provided exceptional data accuracy for the required documents. Moreover, quality control operators appreciated the ergonomic verification interfaces enabling additional verification of sensitive and questionable data, which is crucial for some insurance cases.


Integration of the improved business process took just 3 months from the first request from the client to Fuji Xerox till reaching 100% capacity production. Thanks to handing the task over to Fuji Xerox professionals, and to the improved data capture and recognition quality, the insurance company managed to increase their productivity by 25%. Today the insurer process up to 800 000 pages per month — almost 10 million pages per year.

Automated processing of customers’ insurance case documents and claims as well as policy services has allowed to process requests faster and with better quality, which has increased the customers’ number and loyalty.

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