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ABBYY Recognition Server Proves to be Credible Infrastructure for Online Services OCR Terminal

Customer Overview

Name Paper Terminal Pte. Ltd.
Headquarters Singapore
Industry Hardware and Software

“Technologically, ABBYY’s recognition engine is probably the most accurate and best featured of all available solutions. It is easy to set up and use, and very stable. At the same time, the company offers excellent customer service, which is friendly and prompt.”

Sarabjit Singh,

Manager, Strategy and Operations, Paper Terminal Pte. Ltd. 


Founded in 2007, Paper Terminal Pte. Ltd. specializes in scanning and paper management and has gained an extensive knowledge in developing software end-to-end solutions for individuals and businesses. 

A year after its incorporation, the growing Internet penetration rates and rapid development of IT technologies made Paper Terminal think on taking a new market niche of online services. Thus, in 2008, the company designed and launched OCR Terminal ( - an online service that performs full-text OCR on scanned images and PDF files and renders them into editable and text searchable documents. 

The project implementation required reliable and powerful software to ensure accurate full-text OCR and bulletproof online service. This was successfully achieved by choosing ABBYY Recognition Server, a robust server-based OCR solution for automating document conversion, that provides all the features to function as an OCR web-service and can be easily integrated within complex cross-platform infrastructures such as Amazon Web Clouds. 

Project Information


The prime objective of the online service OCR Terminal is to provide a fast, secure, and effective way of document conversion over the Internet. The project required ongoing system stability, data safety, credible infrastructure, and superior scalability for highvolume document conversion – the challenges met by ABBYY Recognition Server software. 

To perform a real-time conversion of scanned documents, faxes, multi-page PDFs or other digital image files into editable and text searchable documents, only four simple steps are required with OCR Terminal: 

1) Go to and register;

2) Upload an image file (TIFF, PDF, JPEG and other image formats);

3) Wait while the file is being processed;

4) Download the processed results in MS Word, RTF, Text or searchable PDF formats. 

Thanks to the award-winning technologies of ABBYY software, OCR Terminal also accurately preserves the formatting and page layout so that tables, images, captions and headers are accurately replicated in the processed files.


In the course of time a tremendous growth of user base of OCR Terminal service had required even greater capacities to handle large amounts of file transfer. ABBYY Recognition Server was able to meet the challenge being capable of using resources of additional computers and CPUs while processing multiple documents simultaneously. 


The project has no specific time-frame and is still ongoing. The use of ABBYY Recognition Server for providing online services is recognized as an efficient solution by its high level of performance, recognition accuracy and customizability. 

Furthermore, the effective scaling infrastructure of OCR Terminal allows building other specialized online services for specific verticals, for example extraction of custom information from legal or medical documents over the Internet. Hence, while using OCR Terminal as a ready platform, Paper Terminal pursues the goal of incorporating more advanced algorithms to deliver it as a credible online service for users all over the world.