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ABBYY FineReader and FlexiCapture SDK Disseminates Legal Documents of the Vietnamese Government


In 2006 under the trend of international economic integration Vietnam launched the website of Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam – http:// The website is an information agency of the Government operating as an electronic newspaper, which is to ensure the two-way information exchange between the Government and people .

The resource offers different kinds of information and services for members of the public and the business community. And one of the major missions of the Government web portal is to collect, digitize, arrange in a logical searchable way and publish public gazettes and legal documents. 


The idea was to provide the public with the best legal document database, which allows making a full-text-search of the documents and provides each document with direct links to related or source documents – to make a so called «Pháp điên» – legal document dictionary.

The scale of work was as great as the idea: every day about 200 new documents came, about 8 fields of each needed to be processed. Manual data input took very much time and was not insured against mistakes.

The customer understood that they need to automate the process, but it was difficult to find OCR software able to work with Vietnamese and to capture the necessary data and provide links to related documents.

The administration addressed the leader in digitalization, data capture and DMS solutions in Vietnam - DongKinh Investment and Development. The company has already implemented many digitization projects for the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The National office of Intellectual property, Vietcombank and others and has strong partners among which there are Motive System, Canon and ABBYY.

DongKinh team offered their solution to automate the process and showed a demo to the chief editor, who was impressed greatly at the first minute. 


DongKinh built a solution using ABBYY FineReader Engine 9.0, ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine 9.0 of ABBYY – The best OCR and data capture technology provider and M-Files Professional 8.0 – a document management system of Motive System. The whole process for each document took several steps. First – gazettes, including several legal documents, are scanned and downloaded into the system.

Then a DataStation – the main element of the process – recognizes the text, capture the necessary data and organizes them into a table of content (TOC), and separates the content into legal documents, relying on these TOCs. The DataStation is a joint solution developed on the basis of ABBYY FineReader Engine and ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine to process the gazettes and legal documents for the portal.

After separating, the DataStation captures and extracts metadata from each legal document, taking into account references to the related documents mentioned in the processed one.

The result of recognition and extraction is sent to the M-Files, which builds up a database of legal documents of Vietnam with a full map of all related documents. 


Thus through the Government website, Vietnamese people can search, view and download legal documents. Making pilot project, designing the necessary templates by ABBYY FlexiCapture and building the full solution took about three months.

A very important and famous Vietnamese governmental organization trusted to the solution by DongKinh team to use ABBYY technologies in this very important project.

"Do you think that you can find any other solution that can provide a legal document database like this? In my opinion, with the full-text-search function, automatic data feed and digitizing, giving direct links to related documents, this solution is the best ever", told one of the top officers to his colleagues.




About website of Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The site was launched in 2006. Today it is a crucial channel of information, daily and hourly providing formal information on the Party’s lines and State policy, performance of the Government and the Prime Minister, state of socioeconomic development of different areas of the country on the Internet, helping to deepen international relationships and cooperation with Vietnam.

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About DongKinh Investment and Development Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2007 by a team of experienced IT experts DongKinh Investment and Development is now the leader in digitalization, data capture and DMS solutions in Vietnam and supports partnership at a country level with such international companies as ABBYY, Motive System and Canon. The company has already implemented many digitization projects for the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National office of intellectual property, the General Department of Taxation, different banks etc.