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Becker Services Ltd. Help a Client’s Customer Service Take Off with ABBYY Recognition Server

Transportation & Logistics | Digital Archiving

Customer Overview

Name Gamit
Industry Transportation & Logistics
Products and Services Asset management, technical consultancy and onsite technical representation for airlines and leasing companies

Build an effective electronic archiving system


A complete solution of three products, with ABBYY Recognition Server at the core

  • Tens of thousands of documents are converted at a time
  • Ability to check and verify all of the critical data saved into the searchable PDF
  • Converted documents are quick and easy to find
  • Very little intervention by Gamit staff is needed

Established in 1991, Gamit provides asset management, technical consultancy, and on-site support for executive, corporate, and commercial operators, whose passengers range from regular citizens to influential heads of state. Gamit's ability to provide customer focused solutions in the international arena has secured them a reputation for professional, high quality and flexible service.


The aircraft industry is full of legislation and it is a legal requirement to be able to track all work carried out on an aircraft. If you are buying or selling an aircraft, engine, or other major item you'll want to be assured that all the necessary repairs, checks and inspections have been complied with and a true valuation made. Gamit has managed major maintenance and conversion work on aircraft up to B747-400 size and has also managed the associated work and contracts for overhauls of engines, APUs and other major equipment. Because of the extensive work they do Gamit needed a way to quickly search and retrieve the volumes of documents, which can number in the millions, associated with this maintenance upkeep.


In 2000, Gamit paid a third party to build an electronic archiving system that could run on a CD. The intended use of this was to allow Gamit to provide electronic copies of all aircraft maintenance schedules, manuals and related documentation to their clients. The key to converting physical documents into digital and readable form is a technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Unfortunately for Gamit that OCR technology gave such poor results that all scanned pages had to be verified and relevant data entered manually which was very labor intensive.

Gamit decided to revisit this project in early 2011 and interviewed a number of potential suppliers. Gamit decided to engage Becker Services, who looked closely at their requirements and brought three products together to give a complete, bespoke solution with ABBYY Recognition Server at the core. Recognition Server is a robust and powerful server-based OCR solution, designed for mid- to high-volume document processing across large departments and enterprises. It can be deployed as both a standalone program and an integral part of a third-party system such as DMS, RMS, SharePoint and other electronic archiving systems. Routine document conversion processing occurs automatically and unattended.

The total solution provided by Becker included the following components and processes:

- A document scanning application which allows the customer to scan documents as they are received or batch scan high volume jobs. The software can be set up to auto-matically export PDF images and build a Windows filing structure.

- After all of the scanning is complete ABBYY Recognition Server picks up the image files and converts them into high quality, searchable PDF files. The export from Recognition Server replicates the input filing structure from the scanning software.

- After Recognition Server has processed all of the files they are burnt onto a DVD along with a custom Search/Retrieval/Document Viewing system. Becker have also written a user manual and trained members of Gamit’s team in how to operate the system.


Due to the advances in OCR technology available today Gamit are now able to offer a far more advanced system to their customer. Recognition Server allows Gamit to check and verify all of the critical data saved into the searchable PDF, ensuring that documents the Civil Aviation Authority want to see can be found quickly and easily. It runs automatically, converts tens of thousands of documents at a time and requires very little intervention by Gamit staff.

“We knew of no other product on the market that offered what ABBYY Recognition Server did and we could not have provided such a tailored solution without it,” states Mark Eost of Becker Services. The Technical Services assistants at Gamit who use the system have stated that it is a major step forward and vast improvement from their previous document storage, search and retrieval system. Being able to quickly find a document in order to respond to the aircraft industry’s legislative and legal requirements for tracking all work carried out on an aircraft is a major boon to the company. Previously it could take hours to find one single document, time that could be better spent on other critical processes within the business.

“Our interface with Becker, from initial presentation through to delivery and setting up the system, along with our day to day support, has been first class,” states Nadeem Muhiddin, Project Manager for Gamit. “They have been a pleasure to work with and have shown a lot of patience throughout the development and subsequent training.”

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