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Brazilian Federal Tax Department Successfully Deploys 875 Licenses of ABBYY FineReader in 23 Locations

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Brazilian Federal Tax Department Successfully Deploys 875 Licenses of ABBYY FineReader in 23 Locations



Secretaria da Receita Federal (SRF) is a department of the Brazilian Ministry of Finances in charge of collecting all federal taxes on goods and services throughout Brazil. It has 566 locations, with more than 15,000 people directly involved in tax collection. Brazilian Customs services are also part of SRF.
At any given time, SRF has approximately 1,000,000 active tax processes, with an average of 100 pages each. Given the tremendous amount of paper which circulates internally via a multi-location network, SRF is actively developing new systems and procedures to be mostly based on electronic documents instead of paper.


The first goal was to implement a networked system to enable SRF personnel to scan and convert paper documentation to electronic format. In a bid encompassing 417 desktop scanners (at 25 pages per minute) and 23 production scanners (at 55 pages per minute), a highly important part was to find a top-notch, powerful OCR performer. NT Imagem e Servigos Ltda, ABBYY’s partner in Brazil, had proposed FineReader OCR for the software’s proven track record of high accuracy, speed and reliability. NT Imagem had made the commitment that the OCR software would have the capacity to simultaneously run several hundred licenses in 23 locations without processing delays and provide accurate processing results.


undefinedFineReader has been installed in concurrent mode at 1,500 workstations in several geographic locations. The licenses are validated against a central server located in Brasilia, headquarters of SRF to reduce the cost of administration. The search mechanism implemented in ABBYY FineReader 8.0 was not up to the task of managing those 875 licenses. Sometimes, when the server handled over 1000 licenses, it would take more than 20 minutes for the license manager to acquire a free license.
“After being informed of the problem, ABBYY again raised to the occasion and, in record time, developed, coded and tested a completely new licensing mechanism which was then merged with the soon to be released FineReader 9.0”, commented Carlyle Macedo, Technical Director at NT Imagem.

A new algorithm, specially developed for FineReader 9.0, is used for the validating process. Remarkably, the new algorithm allows thousands of licenses at a central server without any response time degradation. This colossal achievement is a result of an excellent job done by FineReader 9.0 developers in Moscow and unremitting work of ABBYY’s partner team in Brazil.
“Customer specifications for the bid were very detailed, and the proposed software had to pass a series of homologation tests before being declared acceptable,” commented Carlyle Macedo, Technical Director at NT Imagem, “Among those tests, digitalization, recognition, and format preservation of the 43-page bid, with a minimum recognition rate of 98%. ABBYY FineReader obtained better than a 99,5% in that test.”

NT Imagem’s services provided to SRF included installation and activation of licenses at central server, and training for 875 people at 23 locations.


“ABBYY found the time to provide ABBYY FineReader completely translated to Portuguese!”continued commented Carlyle Macedo, Technical Director at NT Imagem, “In summary, we are extremely happy with our partnership with ABBYY and hope to continue to deliver outstanding solutions to our customers based on their technology.”
After all of the installation and training had been completed,Gilberto Cesar, Sales and Marketing Director at NT Imagem, concluded: “I believe we have fulfilled the commitment made to one of the largest government clients in Brazil, and now, the horizons have been opened for other important government customers who are waiting for similar solutions to be demonstrated and installed at their sites.”


The Secretaria da Receita Federal do Brasil (SRF) is a specific and unique organization under the Ministry of Economy. It is responsible for the management of taxes due to Brazil´s Federal Government, including retirement contributions, those related to foreign commerce, and also covering much of the contributions related to social benefits. SRF also helps the Federal Government to establish the brazilian tax policy, and works towards prevention and combat against tax evasion, smuggling, piracy, commercial fraud, drug traffic, commerce of animal species under the risk of extinction, and repression of other illicit activities related to international commerce. For more information please visit




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