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Costain Transforms Its Finance Department Using ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing

BPO and Shared Services | Content Capture/Document Processing

Customer Overview

Name Costain Group PLC
Headquarters Maidenhead, England, UK
Industry Construction, civil engineering
"Digital Intelligence is absolutely critical to our strategy"
Steven Still, Head of Automation at Costain Group.

Costain is a leading smart infrastructure solutions company serving the UK’s energy, water, transportation and defense markets. As part of its digital transformation strategy, it wanted to transform its procure-to-pay operation and upskill its finance team.


Highly manual invoice processes


Integration of ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing platform


400K invoices processed, times 9 minutes saved per invoice


  • Highly manual invoice processes strained limited internal resources.
  • Daily process started with employees printing invoices as they came in.
  • They organized invoices into piles based on the person responsible for each vendor.
  • Back office systems needed to be updated to attract and retain top talent and meet customer demands to get the best results for the business.
  • Needed a robust Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that integrated with and enhanced its existing RPA solution to deliver a higher level of accuracy when extracting unstructured data from invoices.


  • ABBYY's Intelligent Document Processing platform, FlexiCapture, integrated with UiPath to create a seamlessly automated processing system that captures line items on the face of invoices and delivers meaningful analytics.
  • FlexiCapture ingested the invoices as they arrive from the vendor, does the recognition with a high level of accuracy, and processes them straight through.
  • 80% of all invoices are processed by FlexiCapture without any human touch.


  • ABBYY's Intelligent Document Processing skills transformed the finance department to be more agile and empower staff to focus on higher value tasks.
  • 400K invoices are processed through ABBYY FlexiCapture, speeding up processing time, and reducing employee and customer pain points.
  • 9-minute reduction in invoice processing time, generating significant cost savings for the company.
  • 80% straight through processing of invoices, with the introduction of ABBYY.
  • Employees are freed up to add value in ways they could never have imagined.
“We’re looking at processing 400,000 invoices through ABBYY FlexiCapture. 400,000 invoices, times 9 minutes saved (per invoice processed), is a huge, huge savings for the business, and it is generating an enormous capacity so that our people can add value.”
Steven Still, Head of Automation at Costain Group PLC