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ABBYY FlexiCapture® ensures insurance company stay on top of their game

Insurance | Document Management

Customer Overview

Name Insurance company
Headquarters Malaysia
Industry Insurance

Partner Overview


To improve accuracy and productivity when processing documents in English, Malay and Chinese


Development of a data processing system based on KODAK scanners, DocuWorks, SYMANTECTM security control system, and ABBYY FlexiCapture as the core element for document processing and data capture

  • 30% productivity growth
  • 1.5 million — 1.7 million pages processed monthly

During their 80 years on the Malaysian market one of the nation’s leading and innovative insurers established a network consisting of 45 branches and bancassurance distribution partners. Today the company provide various health and protection insurance products to the country’s population and manage investments across a broad range of asset classes in the market. Their commitment to providing high-quality services led to the decision to improve and speed up their workflow.


4 months

to implement the solution

1.5 million

pages processed monthly


boost in productivity


The OCR solution previously employed for workflow automation was unsatisfactory in terms of accuracy, speed and human resources, requiring double data entry and verification, as well as a host of operators to keep the process going. When combined, all of these factors made the solution outdated and slow, with a high margin of error. A different, more efficient solution had to be found.


The task of making these plans come to life fell to Fuji Xerox — a BPO company with a stellar reputation in the field of Document Services & Communications. For many years they have been working together with ABBYY — a partnership known for ensuring the highest quality of digitization, document conversion and data capture for their clients. The solution implemented by Fuji Xerox includes KODAK scanners, DocuWorks, SYMANTECTM security control system, firewall, router, server, internet line, as well as a backup solution and a number of other customization programs. At the core of this system is ABBYY FlexiCapture — a powerful data capture and document processing solution capable of transforming streams of documents into business-ready data — used for the key steps of document processing and data capture. Only a small number of operators is required to keep the system functional (19 for the scanning stations and 49 for verification stations). Otherwise the solution is fully automated. It consists of the following steps: document receiving > registration > sorting > preparation >scanning > indexing > verification > release.

Once they are received, the documents (policy services, claims, etc.) — are registered in the database, sorted and scanned. ABBYY FlexiCapture recognizes the scanned images, extracting the necessary data, which is then indexed and verified. Of special note is the fact that the documents come in three languages — English, Malay and Chinese — each of which ABBYY FlexiCapture is able to recognize with its customary accuracy.


It took only 4 months to implement the solution and have it fully functional. The professionalism and experience of all the parties involved ensured the highest possible quality of recognition and a productivity boost of 30%; the life insurer now processes up to 1.7 million pages per month — bringing satisfaction to their clients and employees alike, increasing overall capacity and efficiency, and attracting more business.


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