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Large direct sales company uses FlexiCapture as part of its document management solution

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Large direct sales company uses FlexiCapture as part of its document management solution

Other | Accounts Payable Automation

Customer Overview

Name Marketing Personal
Headquarters Medellin, Colombia
Industry Direct sales

Partner Overview

Name Summan Soluciones

Processing orders and payments to control logistics, to increase service quality


Implementation of a DMS solution consisting of DataVar (document development), Docuware (document administration system), ABBYY FlexiCapture (intelligent data capture) and Splunk (business analysis software)

  • Better service quality due to timely information
  • Performance evaluation of each delivery area
  • No risk of documents deteriorating or getting lost

Personal S.A. is a Colombian direct selling company focused on fashion and lifestyle, and offers an opportunity to grow, develop and become financially independent to more than a hundred thousand image consultants all over the country.

Over the past 2 years, Marketing Personal S.A. has doubled its sales revenue; in 2013 its revenue from sales surpassed $100 million and in 2014 – $190 million, and 2015 is expected to bring more than $300 million.

In December 2014 the company made another important step towards its goal of becoming a multilatin country by venturing into the Panamanian market. Personal Marketing S.A. bases its development on capitalization of experiences and new knowledge, is not afraid of innovations and does it both creatively and coherently. It is a company which thinks big and seeks to be a leader.


Marketing Personal S.A. is based in Medellin, where all business processes such as invoicing, picking and dispatching of the orders are executed. Every 21 days it issues a new catalog with clothes, footwear, cosmetics and household items. Catalogs, orders and premiums are later shipped to different destinations all across Colombia, to the focal points of a wide network of transport carriers (40 points across the country). This network is responsible for the so-called «capillary distribution» and the “door to door” delivery to the consultants. It provides with jobs – both directly and indirectly – over 2000 people in 650 municipalities.

Before the document management solution was implemented, Customer Service of the Marketing Personal S.A. didn´t have clear and timely information regarding the status and stages of the delivery, so it could not provide adequate responses to the requests. Therefore, they had to rely on physical archives and files handled by employees involved in the dispatching process. Documents produced in the course of transport operations must be stored for several years as a necessary proof of delivery for holding charges and possible future processes. Dealing with paper transport documents is accompanied by risks due to the physical handling and necessity to transport them from different parts of the country, which leaves them exposed to deterioration or loss. So Marketing Personal wanted a total solution which would cut down the time needed for processing the information, make the process reliable and efficient.


SUMMAN and their engineering team designed a total solution for the logistics sector of Marketing Personal integrating different products and services such as DataVar (development of the documents), DocuWare (Document Management System), ABBYY FlexiCapture (Data Capture) and Splunk (Data Analysis Application). At present, a special transport/accompanying document is designed with Summan DataVar, and among other fields, it contains a field which is filled out by a person who receives the package. This transport/accompanying document is printed and sent along with the orders and premiums, at the same time its electronic version is stored in the Document Management System DocuWare for later reference and control.

Once the orders are delivered and transport documents are filled out by the recipients, they are scanned at each of the transportation hubs and the images are sent to the processing server in Medellin. This is where an intelligent data capture and document processing solution ABBYY FlexiCapture is installed. The challenge is the that the forms are filled in manually, so it was necessary to find a solution which would recognize not only printed characters, but also hand-printed. So ABBYY FlexiCapture recognizes and determines necessary fields. Than it automatically extracts all the necessary data from the survey and sends it directly to the Operational Intelligence system Splunk. At the same time, it saves the scans in a HotFolder on the server.

DocuWare in its turn monitors the HotFolder and automatically sends the images to the corresponding destinations and matches the data with the already existing transport documents.

Splunk graphically interprets the data extracted by ABBYY FlexiCapture from the manually filled-in forms and images stored in DocuWare, which allows monitoring the process of delivery, track pending documents and so on.


This solution has brought innumerous advantages. Firstly, the customer service now has access to the real-time information generated at different stages of every transaction, thus being able to respond immediately to inquiries from the customer or other areas.

Secondly, as the logistics sector can now monitor deliveries and respond faster and more effectively to the unforeseen circumstances, they have greater control over the whole delivery process. It became possible to elaborate accurate measurements regarding delivery terms for each carrier and region.

However, the greatest advantage that this total solution has brought to the Marketing Personal S.A. is an immense increase in the quality of service both regarding its consultants and regarding final clients. Above all, it has allowed calculating cash flow of different carriers based on the orders delivered safely and without delays.

Apart from working with competent and talented people and improving the quality of life of those who are involved directly in its operations, the Marketing Personal S.A. also provides a lifestyle for thousands of women. Implementing SUMMAN´s Document Management Solution comprised of DataVar, DocuWare, ABBYY FlexiCapture and Splunk is one step towards the company`s goal of offering an innovative and effective service to the consultants, area managers and regular women who rely every day on the Marketing Personal S.A. for inspiration.

“Summan’s solution creates a competitive advantage with which we can offer first-class services in a developing country. With ABBYY, we are able to optimize our resources and increase the quality of the processes information, reducing human error and input time."
Nicolás Gómez Ruiz, Chief of Data Processing, Marketing Personal S.A.
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