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Leading medical education provider lowers costs and improves services with automated forms capture

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals | Digital Archiving

Customer Overview

Name Audio Digest Foundation
Industry Continuing medical education (CME)
Products and Services Audio presentations and testing programs for doctors, nurses and other medical specialists

Partner Overview

Name Tallega Software
Industry OCR and document management
Products and Services Document scanning, document management and workflow solutions for businesses

Automate the entry of faxed and scanned test forms into Audio Digest Foundation’s customer accounts database – and eliminate costly and error-prone manual data entry


ABBYY FlexiCapture


ABBYY FlexiCapture accurately and automatically captures data from 15,000 test forms every month for immediate import into Audio Digest Foundation’s customer accounts.

Audio Digest Foundation provides over 600 audio courses to healthcare professionals per year including Board Reviews and MOC modules. But their aging form capture system was unable to process faxed-in tests, requiring costly manual entry of 15,000 forms a month – a task now completed accurately and automatically with ABBYY FlexiCapture®.

“We have increased accuracy and lowered our annual processing costs. ABBYY FlexiCapture completely eliminated the need for manual entry,” said Stacie Arana, Accreditation Department Manager at Audio Digest Foundation.



of paper forms a week



3 months

to deploy and run the solution

Providing more than 60 years of continuing medical education

Since 1952, Audio Digest Foundation has delivered high quality and convenient medical education to physicians and other healthcare professionals – along with testing and certification services enabling them to renew their medical licenses, meet board requirements and satisfy rules regarding continuing education.

To achieve this, Audio Digest records specialists speaking to their area of expertise, edits the results to professional standards and then transfers the final files to cassette, CD, or mp3 for online listening. “Customers listen to the lectures at any time or place convenient to them,” explains Stacie Arana, Accreditation Department Manager, Audio Digest Foundation. “Then they can take an online test or complete and fax a Scantron form back to us – a score of 80% or higher earns them the relevant certification.”

Overwhelming the capabilities of 1990’s form capture…

Initially, Audio Digest adopted Scantron technology for capturing the thousands of test forms they received every month by mail and fax. In 1997, they replaced it with a new solution. As their user base grew, the majority of customers preferred online testing. But the number of faxed-in forms grew, too: totaling nearly 200,000 a year by 2012. “By that time,” says Arana, “we were clearly facing difficulties. Our solution had needed serious updating since 2005 and there was no certain upgrade path.”

As Arana explains, their solution was capable of directly accepting faxed forms. “But by 2012 our kick out rate was 20% – so for every 1,000 forms, 200 would have to be entered by hand into our database.” Manual entry was also error-prone and customer ID codes were frequently missed, meaning customers’ submissions wouldn’t post to their account – depriving them of credit and delaying certification.

“Plus,” Arana adds, “the system didn’t distinguish between the test forms and extraneous information like cover sheets. That took lots of time to manually correct.”

Finally, in 2013, the fax component became so unreliable that Audio Digest had to hire extra staff and enter all fax data – 15,000 forms a month – manually. “It was a really expensive exercise,” says Arana. “We searched for three months for a new solution. And having met ABBYY in Boston at a tradeshow, I steered our team towards them.”

Implementing a 21st Century solution with ABBYY FlexiCapture

“My first impression of ABBYY’s software,” says Arana, “was how easy it was from the user’s perspective and the options their solution offered. So we called them and they referred us to Tallega, an ABBYY partner local to us.”

Given the number of incoming forms and the need to distinguish critical information such as customer identification numbers, ABBYY FlexiCapture was the ideal candidate for Audio Digest.

“Our experience with importing and capturing fax forms using FlexiCapture was universally positive.”
Derek Gerber, Senior Account Executive, Tallega

Working with Audio Digest’s IT team, Tallega created a statement of work detailing the integration of FlexiCapture into the company’s systems. Proceeding according to schedule, Tallega had the new solution up and running within three months.


Today, every test form faxed to Audio Digest is automatically pulled into FlexiCapture where its data is captured and then exported to the appropriate customer account. Forms that are mailed to Audio Digest are scanned in batches of 250 and automatically processed by FlexiCapture, too. “ABBYY has moved us from having to hand-enter 15,000 forms a month to complete automation,” says Arana. “It’s almost eliminated the need for manual input.”

FlexiCapture’s accuracy has also impressed the team at Audio Digest.

“Accuracy rates are wonderful. With FlexiCapture everything from the forms is pulled in and even the customer ID can be read 99% of the time – which is really important and a huge improvement over our previous forms capture software.”
Stacie Arana, Accreditation Department Manager at Audio Digest Foundation

And what was Audio Digest’s overall impression of the implementation of their new solution and its performance? “We’ve increased accuracy and lowered our annual processing costs,” confirms Arana. “With ABBYY and Tallega we succeeded in vastly improving our capture process. They were truly dedicated to achieving that success.”

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