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Merit Law Group Uses ABBYY FineReader to Digitize Legal Documents

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Merit Law Group Uses ABBYY FineReader to Digitize Legal Documents

“ABBYY FineReader makes us more efficient. It eliminates the need of having a secretary spend hours re-typing long documents, when FineReader can convert them to a word processing document in a matter of minutes or even seconds.”

Roy Ching,
Attorney and Founder, Merit Law Group™, P.C.

The Merit Law Group™ is a civil litigation law firm based in the Silicon Valley, and represents businesses in California and overseas in a diverse range of litigation and business transactional matters.

Before discovering ABBYY FineReader, Roy Ching, attorney and founder of Merit Law Group, had given up on OCR software. “With other programs we’ve tried, the text gets trapped in text boxes, or at times, goes off the page. It was a formatting nightmare,” said Mr. Ching. “With all the errors from other OCR software we previously used, we had to spend inordinate amounts of time proofreading scanned documents. It wasn’t practical for us to switch from the conventional method of having a secretary re-type documents.”

“I didn’t encounter these same problems with FineReader, which made it a big timesaver for our office,” Mr. Ching went on to explain. The firm uses ABBYY FineReader to convert discovery, motions, and pleadings to word processing documents, which can then be “cut and pasted”, revised, reformatted, or incorporated into discovery responses, communications with clients or other parties, pleadings or other documents.

The Merit Law Group also uses FineReader to digitize documents to provide clients with electronic copies of documents. This enables the firm to transmit documents to clients faster, and enables clients to store and access documents with greater ease.

As well ABBYY FineReader provides the Merit Law Group with an ability to create an electronic storage system for files. Mr. Ching noted a number of distinct advantages of electronically archiving documents, such as not having to pay rent for the storage of unused files, and improved accessibility to a library of past work-product. “It is much more practical to retrieve a document with a few clicks of the mouse, rather than to rummage through mountains of boxes in some dusty storage room.”

Merit Law Group, P.C.

is a civil litigation law firm based in Silicon Valley.

Address: Roy Ching, Esq., Merit Law Group, P.C. 800 West El Camino Real, Ste. 180 Mountain View, CA. 94040
Phone: +1 (650) 943-2442
Fax: +1 (650) 518-8662

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