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Reserve Bank of Australia uses ABBYY FineReader Engine in cheque verification system

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Name The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)
Headquarters Australia

To identify fraudulent cheques drawn
on the RBA


ABBYY FineReader Engine

  • 100% sure and fast automated tool for detecting fraudulent cheques
  • Thousands of dollars returning to the RBA and its clients

Cheque Verification System, based on FineReader Engine and developed by Reserve Bank of Australia, processes some 30 million cheques annually (some 150-160 thousand cheques per month per workstation).

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) developed a new innovative system based on the FineReader Engine and a reference database, with a working title “Cheque Verification System”. The system is designed to identify fraudulent cheques drawn on the RBA. RBA customers participating in this system are required to supply the RBA with an issue cheque file containing the payee name printed on the cheque, and this information is entered in the reference database.

Once a cheque is returned to the RBA, it is scanned and then its image is sent to the recognition module based on the FineReader technology. This module is tuned to recognize a particular section of the cheque image, namely the one where the name of the payee is printed. The recognition module then recognizes the name of the payee, and the recognized name is matched against the name in the RBA database. If the names don’t match, the respective cheque is separated from others for subsequent processing by a human operator who makes the final decision – is the cheque fraudulent or not. Another application of the Cheque Verification System is the fast retrieval of the cheque in case of a request for the copy of the cheque.

The following positive goals have been achieved by the integration of the FineReader Engine into the Cheque Verification System:

• Creation of 100% sure and fast automated tool for detection of fraudulent cheques that enables the return of the cheques to the presenting bank within the prescribed Dishonor period.
• Creation of a tool that automatically finds, and, moreover, returns thousands of dollars to the RBA and its clients that may have been lost by fraud, which is a great benefit for the taxpayers.
• Creation of a tool that saves the time and the number of designated personnel required for the processing of RBA clients’ requests for copies of the cheques they need.

About the Reserve Bank of Australia's

The Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA) main responsibility is monetary policy. Policy decisions are made by the Reserve Bank Board, with the objective of achieving low and stable inflation over the medium term. Other major roles are maintaining financial system stability and promoting the safety and efficiency of the payments system. The Bank is an active participant in financial markets, manages Australia's foreign reserves, issues Australian currency notes and serves as banker to the Commonwealth Government. The information provided by the Reserve Bank includes statistics - for example, on interest rates, exchange rates and money and credit growth - and a range of publications on its operations and research.

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