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Legal | Digital Mailroom

Successful Law Firm Enhances Customer Service by Introducing a Digital Mailroom Solution

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Successful Law Firm Enhances Customer Service by Introducing a Digital Mailroom Solution

Legal | Digital Mailroom

Customer Overview

Name Moore Blatch
Headquarters London, UK
Industry Legal
Products and Services Corporate, commercial, property, dispute resolution and private client consultation

Partner Overview

Name Copyrite total office technology

Improve time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual processing of paper documents


Implementation of a digital mailroom solution based on ABBYY FlexiCapture®

  • Immediate notification of document arrivals ensures quicker decision cycles
  • Better compliancy, data tracking and records management

Moore Blatch is a highly successful law firm that provides services in the areas of corporate, commercial, property, dispute resolution and private client consultation. Due to its impressive business growth over the years, managing the ever-increasing amount of documents flowing into and out of the organisation became a headache. They realised that in order to optimise the efficiency inside the business and deliver excellent customer service they would have to tackle this issue.


The management of vast amounts of paper documentation, such as client inception and matters, evidence, statements, filings and court proceedings leaves no room for errors or lapses in security. Making those documents available immediately is of tremendous benefit to law firms. In order to provide exceptional customer service legal professionals need to have vital data at their fingertips.

Moore Blatch decided to accelerate their physical mail distribution process in order to support business growth and boost their legal team’s efficiency. Copyrite, a solutions and services provider based in the South of England, had previously implemented Print Management solutions at Moore Blatch and understood the firm’s desire to reduce administration costs and increase productivity.

Scanning all post in bulk would be essential to ensure fast, accurate delivery and enable mailroom staff to concentrate on handling exceptions.


“We have worked with Moore Blatch for many years, providing a range of services. The increasing volume of paper documents the firm was receiving from outside and generating internally made the move to a digital mailroom solution compelling. There were immediate opportunities for them to save costs while vastly improving key document-related business processes.”
Ian Stewart, Director of Copyrite

After a thorough consultation with Moore Blatch’s team Copyrite recommended a Digital Mailroom solution based on ABBYY FlexiCapture. FlexiCapture helps organisations of any kind with any volume of paperwork significantly increase efficiency and reduce administration costs by automating paper-based business processes. It provides a single entry point to automatically capture streams of different forms and documents of any structure and complexity at the point of engagement and transform that content into business-ready data.

The combination of document scanning and intelligent data capture now enables incoming mail to be digitised and documents to be automatically classified and distributed throughout the organisation. Information is dynamically extracted and used for indexing into Practice Management Systems, eliminating the need for manual indexing, apart from exceptions. Documents can be indexed by type and content (e.g. invoice due date), making them fully searchable and editable in the future. To maintain document security, procedures are in place if recognition of a document falls below an agreed level of acceptability. The document in question is referred to a verification role to ensure the data is accurate before returning to the automated process.


Paul Walshe, Partner at Moore Blatch explained, “Eliminating manual post distribution was essential as we were spending a lot of time distributing and filing documents. The Copyrite solution has enabled us to reduce our administration over-heads, accelerate the process of document delivery resulting in improved client relationships. We now have a solution that can scale as our company continues to grow.”

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