ABBYY Provides OCR Engine to Samsung Galaxy S4

ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies, today announced that ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine has been adapted to Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy S4.


ABBYY’s OCR Engine is integrated into Samsung Optical Reader, a pre-installed application for document input and translation, to enhance user experience with high-quality OCR features.


With Optical Reader, users can enjoy real-time search and translation of text (e-Dictionary/Translation engine) directly on images and photos captured by the device’s built-in camera. The application can be useful for language study and travelling (users can easily translate a menu in a restaurant or signboards on the streets when travelling abroad). It can also recognize e-mail addresses, URLs, phone numbers, and various data from business cards, as well as quickly activate a corresponding function such as sending an email or SMS, dialing a phone number, saving data to the contact list, etc.


ABBYY’s partner in Korea, a leading mobile software company DIOTEK (, provides for Samsung Galaxy S4 their own e-Dictionary and language processing solution. Both ABBYY and DIOTEK solutions are under development for expanding to other, upcoming Galaxy models.


“Together with our long-term partner DIOTEK, we are going to expand global business through a variety of OCR services and solutions, and further adapt ABBYY technologies to the growing needs and opportunities of the mobile sector,” said Helen Pospelova, CEO of ABBYY 3A.


DIOTEK Co., Ltd. is a leading developer of mobile software solutions for mobile phones and embedded devices. With it’s technologies and rich experience with embedded platforms DIOTEK has been providing manufacturers of major mobile phones and embedded devices with software solutions including handwriting recognition, mobile dictionary, OCR solutions, mobile panorama and mobile photo editing software. DIOTEK creates products that enhance the experience of using Mobile devices, add valuable features to the platform, and enable users to do more with their handsets. Millions of people world-wide use DIOTEK products. When DIOTEK develops custom versions for OEMs, they specially optimize the applications for a particular device (screen resolution, keyboard, form factor, hardware accelerator, etc).