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ABBYY Recognition Server automatically converts paper, image and electronic documents and saves them as compressed archive compliant files, such as PDF or PDF/A. It helps organizations of any size optimize business processes while also achieving compliance, collaboration and long-term storage goals. 

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Key Scenarios  

Long-Term Storage and Compliance

Employ a user-independent PDF converter to create high-volume digital archives while also complying with government or corporate regulations.

Document Conversion for Digital Forensics, DLP, eDiscovery

Use converted files in digital forensics, DLP, eDiscovery systems, and many other ways. Recognition Server can be customized and integrated into a wide range of solutions.

Document Conversion Service for Employees

Save time and money by connecting an entire company to the corporate conversion service. Easy to use and manage, it works for any number of employees, with no additional training required.

Digital Libraries & Reading Heritage

Transform old or rare poor-quality documents into searchable, high-quality PDF, XML, or EPUB files. Digitize manuscripts printed in historical fonts and create a library to preserve cultural heritage.

How It Works

Recognition Server creates compressed, standardized PDF or PDF/A files out of scanned contracts, spreadsheets, corporate presentations, and other valuable content. Its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology recognizes data in more than 190 world languages, making digitized documents fully searchable for specific information.

ABBYY Recognition Server automatically takes any kind of documents from MFPs, shared network folders, Microsoft SharePoint or emails.
The Server performs automated OCR and converts originals into compressed, searchable archives.
Verification Stations allow operators to check all documents or only documents below a certain accuracy threshold.
*Optional processing stage
Indexing of documents can be done either automatically by a script, or by an operator.
*Optional processing stage
Converted files go directly to company Content Management (ECM) system, Microsoft SharePoint, shared network folders or arrive as emails to people or departments in charge.


Deloitte Extends the Capabilities of Their eDiscovery Suite with the Help of ABBYY Recognition Server

Deloitte’s Forensic practice wanted to extend the capabilities of their eDiscovery software to handle a large volume of files. They needed a scalable OCR solution that could quickly process many kinds of documents and file types. They chose ABBYY Recognition Server because of its conversion speed, scalability and multi-language recognition.

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