ABBYY and Deloitte Luxembourg

Accelerate business processes and increase profitability.

ABBYY and Deloitte Luxembourg have formed a partnership to provide Deloitte clients with the industry’s leading Intelligent Document Processing platform. It provides high-quality text and image recognition and document conversion technology that integrates into all major intelligent automation platforms.

ABBYY technology handles every type and volume of document—both structured and unstructured—to reduce manual document handling and improve data accuracy, helping businesses to save time, boost data quality, and mitigate risks.

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Compared with previous IDP tools I have deployed and used in my professional life, ABBYY impressed me by its self-learning velocity and with its capacity to be customized to fit perfectly into our processes and permanent data feed. Time gained using ABBYY is significant, allowing us to focus resources on key analysis that makes a difference, such as analytical fraud detection and other added-value controls.

Shared Services Director


See what’s possible with ABBYY + Deloitte:

  • Reduce invoice processing time by more than half and create a comprehensive audit trail
  • Fully capture data from many document types, enabling close monitoring of expiration dates on IDs, contracts, bank statements, etc.
  • Significantly improve data control with automation, resulting in fewer errors and time savings
  • Automate fraud control with automatic cross-checking of reference/master data
  • Create an easy-to-manage resource backup through a user-friendly interface




Our decades-long focus on AI allows us to deliver results faster, stronger, and at a lower processing cost. When we put our customers’ information to work, they get results such as 400% increase in employee productivity, 95% automation out of the box, and millions of dollars in cost-saving opportunities.


ABBYY modernized the IDP market with its low-code / no-code platform. After 30 years, we are unmatched in the number of document types, formats, and languages we support. We use continuous learning from over one trillion pages processed to deliver better and better results.


Over 10,000 enterprise customers, including many of the Fortune 500, trust ABBYY AI with their business-critical documents. Over 10 analyst firms have named ABBYY a market leader in intelligent document processing; 6 firms named ABBYY a leader in process mining.
Today’s fast-paced business environment requires smooth and reliable processes. With ABBYY, we are able to drive digital transformation by offering our clients accelerated and improved digital workflows.

Deloitte Luxembourg

Achieve straight-through document processing with ABBYY + Deloitte

Business processes are fueled with the data contained within documents. Enterprise automation starts with a comprehensive platform for acquiring, processing, validating, and delivering the right data to your critical processes.

Multiple sources and document types.
Customer and country detection, field extraction.
Image-based, content-based and rule-based.
Automatic rule validation and external data matching.
Human intelligence to manually correct errors.
Input structured data into target system (e.g. ERP).

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