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Together, we can power growth and profitability.

VAR partners

ABBYY’s innovative technologies and products have won numerous awards and received worldwide acclaim from both industry professionals and satisfied customers who have benefited from them. Learn more about ABBYY’s elite community of partners, including ABBYY Authorized Resellers and ABBYY Certified Reseller Partners.

Top five reasons to partner with ABBYY


Greater business opportunities

Broaden your sales reach by expanding upon an existing practice or entering new markets by offering products and services that create greater business opportunities and distinguish you from your competition.


Broaden your offerings

Not only does ABBYY offer the widest range of imaging products and tools from desktop, server and enterprise solutions for document and data capture, but ABBYY also provides a full set of development tools for Partners who wish to deliver fully customized solutions or to support their own integrated products.


Sales leads

Benefit from valuable sales leads and lucrative performance-based financial incentives.


Deep discounts

Earn a discount on sales of ABBYY’s products and increase revenues and profit margins in an industry that is growing between 10-20% per year.


Profitability drivers

ABBYY’s award-winning technology drives significant sales and support revenue through its innovative products and proven customer satisfaction adding substantial credibility to your customers’ perception as their valued partner in future business.


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