Customer Experience Management

Engage with your customers

With the right message. At the right time.
Through the right channel.

Engaging with customers in an efficient and speedy manner has increasingly become key for operations and customer satisfaction in every organisation. This is especially true for consumer-oriented industries such as financial services, insurances, retail, telecommunications, tourism and utility suppliers, where interaction is mostly based on documents of all kinds – thousands of them every day.

Inbound customer communication needs to be processed at high speed and in a way that enables productive internal workflows, yet at the same time meets customer expectations. Customer histories, electronic and paper-based correspondence, complaints, contracts, e-mail communication including their attachments such as photos and scanned documents – only if customer-facing staff have access to all case-related information at the push of a button they can approach your customers at the right time, with the right message and through the right channel.

Multi-Channel Capture

Transform information regardless of the input channel into business-ready data and hand it over to backend enterprise systems and workflows.

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Prioritise and Route

Automate classification of customer requests at the point of engagement, ranging from application forms to correspondence in customer services settings, social media communication to technical support cases or complaints.

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Voice of the Customer

Capture customer's expectations, preferences and aversions using intelligent text analytics and information extraction technologies to reveal events and relationships across unstructured texts.

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