Forms Processing with ABBYY Capture Software

Automate forms processing.

Software-assisted data capture from paper forms.

The processing of forms is becoming an increasingly common business process. In the course of our lives, each of us has to fill out a variety of forms – credit card applications, questionnaires, insurance claims and many others. At the same time, information technology has become indispensable for collecting and managing this type of information, as it enables forms to be processed automatically. This is achieved via solutions for automatic, software-assisted extraction of data from paper forms.


To process a form, information from data fields, which have generally been filled out in handwriting by a customer, are converted to electronic form for further processing:

Transform streams of forms and documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data.


In most cases form processing is considered to be completed as soon as the data from all of the forms has been captured, checked and saved in a database. To collect the data from paper forms, there are two approaches – resource-intensive manual data entry or the use of software for automated forms processing.

Manual data entry is costly and laborious. It has a range of disadvantages for companies, such as the time delay in recording the data, many incorrect entries and increased labour costs for the manual handling of the data. Software for the automatic entry and IT-assisted processing of forms, such as ABBYY FlexiCapture or ABBYY FastCapture, help to reduce these manual processing costs.

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