Get ABBYY Aligner 2.0 Freelance now

ABBYY Aligner 2.0 Freelance is a huge help for all users of the SmartCAT translation automation platform.

Create Translation Memory databases in Aligner 2.0 Freelance and import them into SmartCAT – you'll never need to translate the same segment twice!

Aligner 2.0 is available for free to all users of SmartCAT.

Write us at with the subject "Aligner" and we'll send you a link for quick SmartCAT registration and a download link for Aligner 2.0 Freelance. Complete your freelancer profile and enjoy both Aligner 2.0 and SmartCAT free of charge!

Already use SmartCAT?  You can send your request directly from the system.

  1. Click the Send Feedback link in the upper-right corner.
  2. Send a message with "Aligner" in the subject line.
  3. You'll receive a link for downloading a free copy of Aligner 2.0 Freelance.