Code samples library

The quickest way to start using FlexiCapture Engine is to read through the Help file and look at the sample code that comes with the software. It now features  a comprehensive set of code samples that explain various aspects of programming with the SDK. Each library section contains one or several code snippets escorted by a step-by-step description how to perform the task.

How to…


Get started 

Perfect if you’re new to ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine and are looking for a way to recognize a document and export recognition results.


Implement common processing scenarios 

Provides tips on implementing common processing scenarios such as customizing the source of images, navigating through a recognized document or implementing storage of recognized data.


Connect to a FlexiCapture project 

Perfect if you’re working with a preconfigured FlexiCapture project and need to find a way to process documents within the project or to verify recognition results.


Create a data capture application with a graphical user interface 

You’re fast track to creating a user interface for a data capture application.


Use advanced techniques 

For advanced users of ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine who are looking for ways to create and edit Document Definitions, preprocess images, or perform scanning.


Work with FlexiCapture Engine from scripting languages 

Help with using ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine from a script language.


Effectively use resources of a high-performance computer 

For creating multi-threading server applications with ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine inside.


Implement Web service 

For implementing data capture solutions that will be provided as a Web service.


Technological advantages demonstration


Auto-Learning Technology Demo

A ready-to-use tool for creation of simple FlexiLayouts or Document Definitions.


Image Preprocessing

A wide variety of image preprocessing tools that can help improve recognition quality.


Multi-Core Processing 

Built-in multi-processing makes applications scalable and efficient with little effort on your part.


Mobile Data Capture 

Provides high quality processing of photos taken with mobile device cameras.



Document classification can be easily performed during recognition.


Color Stamps Removal 

Removes all overlaid stamps and ink inscriptions from documents before recognition.



Allows you to remove sensitive information from an image.


Visual Components

Provides a set of visual controls that allow you to construct graphical user interfaces for your applications with minimal effort.



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