An Enterprise-Level Document Conversion Service

ABBYY Recognition Server can be deployed as a robust on-demand OCR and document conversion service for workgroups, entire organizations or multiple subscription clients. It can be installed on premises, as a LAN-based service, hosted remotely or used as a web service in the cloud. Users can access the service at any time and from any location via network or FTP folders, e-mail or Web portals. The OCR service can also be integrated directly with the organization’s network scanners and MFPs, allowing users to convert their scanned documents to Microsoft Word or searchable PDF files directly at the point of scanning.

As compared to traditional desktop software, OCR and document conversion as a service offers a number of advantages:

Wide Availability 

With ABBYY Recognition Server, OCR is not limited to a desktop PC or its operator’s work hours. The service that resides on a server is available to all users or select groups of users regardless of their location or access hours.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Centralized installation, configuration, and administration of ABBYY Recognition Server make it a cost-efficient enterprise-wide solution as opposed to desktop applications that need to be maintained by IT personnel on multiple workstations.

User Friendliness

Users can start using the document conversion service right away, without having to learn what OCR is. They simply select a format they want to convert their document into (searchable PDF, PDF/A, Microsoft Word or Excel), and receive the requested file.

Multi-Tenant Use

Because the document conversion process is completely automatic and hidden from the user, ABBYY Recognition Server is equally well suited for a single- or multi-tenant user environment. The installation can be easily scaled to process documents from added clients without a decline in productivity. A flexible system of priorities allows automatically moving important documents ahead of the queue.

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