E-Invoices - Side by Side with Paper Invoices

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices extracts data from semi-structured and unstructured documents of any complexity and form regardless of their incoming channel in a single stream. Processing of the invoice starts immediately upon invoice receipt, adding transparency to the accounts payable process and minimizing delayed or lost documents.

Supported invoice formats include:

  • scanned paper invoices from MFP, FTP or web-based scanners        
  • fax invoices
  • e-mail invoices (PDF or image attached to an e-mail, XML format)
  • photo images of invoices taken via mobile

Invoices can be digitised, checked against compliance rules and validated by the software. Relevant invoice and document data will be extracted, reviewed and validated if necessary and then automatically transferred into backend systems and business processes.

Businesses in Europe increasingly receive their invoices in electronic form. The latest legal regulations have paved the way for e-invoicing to be recognised the same way as paper-based invoices, taking advantage of all the benefits of electronically sent documents.

Advantages of Electronic Invoice Processing:

  • Cost savings from eliminating the postage, envelopes and shipping from the supplier
  • Manual steps are no longer necessary, because invoices do not have to be opened and digitised
  • Invoices are sent directly to the invoice processing workflow
  • Invoices can be archived directly at the time of receipt

In recent years, e-invoices have been accepted as an official form of invoice delivery and companies and organisations in many fields of business must accepted e-invoices from their vendors and service providers.

When processing e-invoices in a single system alongside paper-based invoices, the full impact on efficiency and productivity become prevalent. The solution constantly monitors central e-mail inboxes based on Microsoft Exchange or other e-mail formats for incoming invoices. The following e-invoice formats can be processed:

E-Invoices – Complying with the Latest Archiving Standards

While the system can work with a “normalized copy” of an invoice, the original form of the received document and e-mail will be preserved, sent to archiving systems via defined connectors and securely stored for later retrieval. Consequently, legal standards and compliance regulations for archiving of financial documents can be met.

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