ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices

Multi-channel input

Multi-channel input 

Invoices arriving at your organization via mail, e-mail or fax are captured, registered and processed in a standardized workflow. Paper invoices can be captured using local or network scanners, MFPs, web scanning tools or mobile devices. Capture at the point of entry instead of hand-to-hand paper transfer, enables instant delivery of invoices into electronic workflows, adding transparency to your AP process.


Intelligent on-the-fly training technology allows operators to further raise the quality of data extraction on newly encountered invoices from new suppliers. Unlike “black-box” self- learning systems, FlexiCapture for Invoices gives administrators complete control over its training set and generated rules.

Trainable data extraction
Ergonomic data verification interface

Ergonomic data verification tools

A carefully designed data verification interface guides operators through invoices flagged by the system, focusing attention only on those fields that require review.

Purchase Order matching

Invoices issued against purchase orders are automatically validated against the order information in the purchasing system. Invoices that have passed all validations and that have been successfully matched to a purchase order can be paid without requiring human involvement.

Purchase Order matching

Straight-through processing

Built-in validation rules and matching against databases allows compliant invoices to be processed automatically from arrival to posting. The accounting staff, which can now focus on exceptional invoices only, gains efficiency and is able to allocate more time for strategic tasks like forecasting and cash flow optimization.


For efficient preservation, invoice images are converted to compressed searchable PDF files ready for electronic archiving – eliminating the need for paper archives that are difficult to access and require physical storage space. 

Single User, Workgroup or Shared Service Center

FlexiCapture for Invoices offers configurations ranging from single-user systems to client-server enterprise-wide solutions for organizations with multiple accounting groups. It can also be deployed in a shared service center and gather invoices captured at multiple remote points into a single workflow.

Benefits Beyond Accounts Payable

In addition to processing invoices, FlexiCapture can be extended to address the capture needs of an entire organization. One system can be used to classify and process documents originating in various departments and business units, including remote ones.