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Retail Affiliates Program

Boost your site traffic and increase sales by promoting world-class ABBYY OCR software

Fast, easy, free and profitable is the quickest way to sum up the benefits of becoming an ABBYY Retail Affiliate. We help you profit from the rapidly growing need for optical character recognition (OCR) and PDF conversion tools by driving traffic to your site when people search for solutions – then pay you generous commissions when they buy ABBYY software.

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Five great reasons to sign up now!

The sooner you sign up, the faster ABBYY can help you drive revenue. By featuring advertisements for our retail products you enjoy:


Excellent commissions

You’ll earn 30% on every sale that’s referred to us from your site.



We provide marketing materials free of charge.


Higher website traffic

The search for OCR software is on! More people need it. And featuring our industry-leading solutions means they’ll hit your site when they look for it.


The content you need to succeed, free

When you have questions, our sales support team is ready to answer them at no charge. With ABBYY the help you need is always there.


Peace of mind

Sales referrals are tracked for 120 days. So even if a customer buys direct from us after visiting your site, you get paid.

And remember it’s all FREEsign up now