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Adventures of Agent ABBYY

ABBYY Smart Classifier is a powerful text classification application to organize unstructured information in business process repositories, including archives, content management, and email to drive information governance and data migration.

Many organizations recognize the need to classify and organize content. Yet why do so few actually do it in practice? Manual classification is time consuming, inaccurate and inconsistent, but most importantly, unworkable for Big Content. Automatic classification applications to date have not solved the problem – users must master difficult workflows, complex parameters, and gather large training sets just to get started.

ABBYY Smart Classifier makes automatic text classification easy, to bring it within the reach of line of business managers and knowledge professionals. Combining both high performance text-based classification and powerful semantic based classification ABBYY Smart Classifier provides exceptional classification of documents for policy and regulatory compliance. Flexible algorithmic tuning capabilities and an easy-to-use Model Editor make ABBYY Smart Classifier highly responsive to information management and business process requirements.

451 Research: ABBYY aims to ride the wave in text analytics and machine learning with Compreno

Nick Patience, 21 March 2016

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What ABBYY Smart Classifier Can Do for You

ABBYY Smart Classifier overcomes existing barriers to deployment with the following key features:

Learn how ABBYY Smart Classifier can help you organize, prioritize and action your information.

Putting ABBYY Smart Classifier to Work

ABBYY Smart Classifier streamlines and boosts the efficiency of content-intensive processes:

Information Governance

Information Governance

Organize your information with category-based document routing, archiving, search and filtering, and information governance. Automatically deploy records retention and disposition, along with security, privacy and confidentiality policies using accurate meaning-based classification.

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Data Migration

Data Migration

Set up flexible content-aware rules to filter out-of-control content repositories during data migration projects while enacting policies for accurate and timely data removal long-term. Using reduced training sets and automatic algorithmic optimization Smart Classifier can quickly identify critical business data to be migrated versus redundant, obsolete and irrelevant data that can be left behind.

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Big Data

Big Content

As text content grows exponentially, the requirements of business process and content management have been transformed inexorably into supporting this new world of Big Content. Time consuming, inaccurate and inconsistent manual classification is simply no longer workable. Smart Classifier’s ability to recognize the meaning within Big Content offers the means forward for companies to create the missing metadata necessary to organize and prioritize business critical.

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Claims Processing for Government

Claims Processing

Strict guidelines of claims processing together with the urge for transparency poses the need for timely and accurate claims classification. ABBYY Smart Classifier is here to help.

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Claims Processing for Government

Client Support

Being charged with tons of clients issues daily, client support employees need to classify and rout them to drive the problem solution faster. This where automatic classification could help.

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