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AIE Whitepaper: Making Financial Business Applications “Smart”

Faced with an increasingly competitive market, unprecedented levels of regulatory scrutiny, and a low interest rate landscape, financial institutions are seeking highly efficient, innovative solutions that can help them differentiate themselves. ABBYY InfoExtractor accelerates and automates the analysis of this information, accelerating decision making while reducing operational expenditure in processes.

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ASC Whitepaper: Making Healthcare Business Applications “Smart”

As healthcare organizations strive for efficiency in order to reduce spiraling operational costs, this has led to an increased focus on Healthcare focused “Smart” business solutions built on top of a process oriented case management infrastructure.

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ASC ABBYY Smart Classifier Email Solution Brief

As the main form of communication for most organizations, the non-stop growth of email is a primary culprit in creating information overload. It is real, and can have a deadly effect on workplace productivity.

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ASC ABBYY Smart Classifier CMS Solution Brief

We live in the age of Big Data, with unprecedented volume, velocity and variety of data. Business process and content management used to give us what we needed to manage our enterprise content, even if the results weren’t fully optimized.

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ASC “Squaring the Classification Circle” with ABBYY Smart Classifier

Based on a powerful engine that provides both text-based and semantic-based classification, ABBYY Smart Classifier provides users an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to classification workflow, coupled with automatic optimization algorithms to make classification a snap - for anyone - even a technical wizard!

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Text Analytics and Smart Business Process Applications

Comprehensive text analytics deliver insight and intelligence in content-intensive, knowledge-intensive Smart Process Business Applications. ABBYY’s Compreno technology automatically and accurately identifies entities, facts and stories that are necessary to accelerate and optimize decision-making.

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451 Report 451 Research Report

ABBYY aims to ride the wave in text analytics and machine learning with Compreno.

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ABBYY Smart Classifier Information Governance ABBYY Smart Classifier Information Governance Solution Brief

An effective information governance program requires that you be able to automatically deploy records retention and disposition, along with security, privacy and confidentiality policies using accurate text-based classification. With ABBYY Smart Classifier you can quickly stand-up taxonomies and classification models to mitigate risk in today¹s fast moving business environments.

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ABBYY Smart Classifier Data Migration ABBYY Smart Classifier Data Migration Solution Brief

Mergers, reorganizations or upgrading IT infrastructure and bringing new business systems online all drive data migration projects. High-Performance, automatic text classification enables you to develop strategies that are highly efficient, save time and money while reducing risk - especially from "dark data."

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Driving Impact From Unstructured Information Analytics: Adding Structure to Unstructured Content

A technical whitepaper on ABBYY’s Compreno technology.
Part 1: Adding Structure to Unstructured Content
Part 2: Managing Deployment and Customization Complexity

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ABBYY InfoExtractor datasheet

ABBYY InfoExtractor powers content-intensive Smart Process Applications by automatically extracting critical data from unstructured information. Built on ABBYY’s Compreno natural language processing technology, it accurately identifies entities, facts and relationships between them — powering business processes that depend on reliable and granular content analysis.

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