Your documents ready for action

with the professional language-based 

classification to put your unstructured data

into order.


ABBYY Smart Classifier is an automatic text classification application that combines high performance text classification in 39 languages with powerful semantic classification that organizes English and Russian documents based on meaning rather than statistical patterns. Integration with ECM systems, other content stores, archives, email or the like is simple and easy via REST APIs to solve critical business problems, including:

Information Governance represents an emerging discipline of managing information according to operational, Legal and Compliance demands. ABBYY Smart Classifier can provide professionals in these areas with strong new capabilities:

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Content Management becomes transformed with Smart Classifier’s ability to recognize the meaning within unstructured content to create the missing metadata necessary for effective organization, search and retrieval. Instead of relying upon the never-reliable manual model that required users to generate and update content labels, something that they never did well – if it all – Smart Classifier can tag content according to pertinent meaning so that users can step into a project at any time and find exactly what they need.

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Data Migration can take tremendous time in situations where time is in short supply. Using reduced training sets and automatic algorithmic optimization Smart Classifier can be quickly set up to identify critical business data to be migrated versus redundant, obsolete and irrelevant data that can be left behind.

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