Customer Experience Management

Analyse the Voice of the Customer

Capture customer's expectations, preferences and aversions by using intelligent text analytics and information extraction technologies that reveal events and relationships across unstructured texts.

Make Knowledge-based Decisions

Make Knowledge-based Decisions

Transform information into action by extending document capture functionality with technologies that analyse and understand your data. ABBYY’s powerful information extraction technology reveals entities, events and relations across unstructured texts. Language-based insight into unstructured information and a semantic analysis will open up new opportunities to discover positive and negative drivers for business issues, gain useful insights to reduce churn and identify group trends.

Analyse Communication to Spot
Business-relevant Topics

Intelligent, language-based topic analysis can support you in categorising customer comments into business-relevant topics. Based on detected topics that frequently appear in inquiries across customers and channels you can identify content to feed frequently asked questions (Q&A). At the same time, the analysis of trends in complaints, support cases or social media posts can help management to predict where your business might be going or even give valuable input for future product development.

Analyse Communication to Spot  Business-relevant Topics

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