Digitisation: How can insurers and brokers optimise processes for business gains?

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need and appetite of both insurers and brokers to embrace digitisation and review their business practices in order to better align with today’s ‘new normal’, where digital services and a seamless online experience are considered essential by consumers and insurance staff alike.

In this webinar, hosted by Insurance Times, a leading panel of industry experts explore how insurers and brokers need to uncover the nuts and bolts of their back office processes and functionality in order to digitally optimise and improve current practices and flows of work. This includes distinguishing between what processes will benefit from automation, as well as understanding where a human touch is still essential.

Watch the expert panel as they discuss:

        • How insurers and brokers can grasp a better understanding of their internal processes and how to analyse where digitisation and automation can provide additional benefits.
        • How using digitisation to optimise back office processes can create cost efficiencies and increase a firm’s agility.
        • Process automation beyond claims – although claims process are often high on the agenda when exploring digitisation, what other business areas are often ripe for improvement?
        • How has the Covid-19 pandemic influenced insurance firms’ digital transformation journeys?
        • What aspects of digitisation do insurers and brokers typically struggle with most?
        • Can insurers and brokers that fully focus on improving their process optimisation via digital methods compete with today’s technology-driven insurtechs?

Watch now

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