The Siemens Global Business Services Intelligent Document Automation Journey

Achieving Operational Resilience in a Changing COVID Business Climate

As organisations ramp up their digital transformation initiatives in response to global challenges and opportunities, content-centric processes are becoming more critical, and businesses need to attain greater value from the data that already circulate within their organisation to ensure agility, full transparency and an optimised customer journey.

With the rising request for remote services and subsequent operations, Siemens Global Business Services recently implemented an ABBYY solution to support their services platform with AI, ML and NLP capabilities in order to automate document workflows in an intelligent way and improve customer experience as the key of business success and brand loyalty.

Watch the recording to discover how Siemens GBS...
  • ...minimises customer friction through omni-channel customer service;
  • ...reduces transaction costs through the application of service-oriented AI, Machine Learning and Process Automation technologies;
  • ...reimagines the changing GBS dynamics by enhancing remote work practices and empowering the finance organisation with digitisation, automation and workforce optimisation through upskilling investments.

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Andrew Pery

Digital Intelligence Consultant


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Phillip Hechtl

Head of Digital Service Management

Siemens Global Business Services

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Senior Enterprise Sales Manager