The secrets behind successful digital transformation

At Insurance Innovators: Digital Summit 2020, insurance industry leaders from around the world came together to debate new ideas, unpack the latest trends, set agenda, and build collaborative partnerships around customer engagement, operations, Insurtech, data and fraud, and more.

In this panel session, ABBYY’s Reggie Twigg and Reale Mutua’s Matteo Cattaneo explore the road to digital transformation, from the transition phase to final outcomes. Watch the session recording to get practical, first-hand insights, work out how to overcome challenges, and explore new opportunities that come hand-in-hand with a full-scale digital transformation:

    • What are some of the critical considerations that insurers must make when embarking on the path to digital transformation?
    • What are some of the common roadblocks to change, and how can you avoid or overcome these challenges?
    • How can you effectively measure return on investment (ROI) when it comes to digital transformation in insurance?

Watch now

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