Transforming AP Operations: More than Adding Automation, It Requires Content Intelligence

The pandemic put a spotlight on manual invoice processing and paper plagued workflows.

Shared Services teams found themselves thrust into remote work with operations that still relied on paper-based processes executed with manual workflows and handoffs. When office doors started to close, documents remained locked inside and new deliveries stacked up in mail collection areas of unattended offices. Working from home became mainstream overnight. Laptops were fired up and so were a host of concerns about how documents and data would be captured, stored, and shared. Although electronic exchange of documents became more normalised, many teams found that their operations were not well-suited to digital business.

The question lies, how has work been redesigned?:

Find out during this webinar, reflecting key findings from SSON's Global State of AP Automation Survey in partnership with ABBYY. Industry case studies and subject matter expertise will be shared to provide a reference on how to apply learnings from the results.

During this webinar attendees will learn how to:

  • Take a self-service approach to uncover AP inefficiencies
  • Develop the right strategy for successful AP Automation
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems
  • Take a holistic view of the AP cycle and maximize efficiency and outcomes

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