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Mobile Capture as a driving force for digital transformation

Join our webinar to discover how our Mobile Capture Solutions can help you or your customers drive the Digital Transformation, create smooth user experiences, and increase productivity while saving valuable time and money.


- Mobile & Digital Transformation: Benefits of and drivers for Digital Transformation

- Your customers' needs: Examples of use case scenarios

- ABBYY Mobile Portfolio

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The Legal Industry in the Digital Age (26/10/2017)

The legal industry in the digital age has to face various challenges: new legal situations arising from digital business models, regulatory changes, different mentality of new professionals and changes in customer demands. Learn more on how our software solutions for the legal industry provide a real added value for law firms and legal departments through the seamless integration of technologies for text recognition, classification and data extraction.

Language: English

Teaching Robots to Read: OCR for Machine Vision Systems (10/10/2017)

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can extract text information from product packaging or control panels and make it available to machine vision systems with the help of OCR technologies. In this way, the functionality of such systems can be significantly extended.

Language: English

Real-Time Recognition – Data Input to Mobile Apps made Fast and Easy (05/10/2017)

In our webinar you will learn, how the new, innovative real-time text recognition technology pulls text directly from the live video-stream of smartphone cameras and makes it available for instant use in a variety of iOS and Android apps. The webinar is aimed at app developers, product or project managers and all entrepreneurs looking for innovative ideas for their businesses.

Language: English

Closing the Digitisation Gap in Healthcare (22/09/2017)

Healthcare providers face increasing challenges to maintain standards of excellent and affordable care. Therefore, immediate access to patient information is crucial. Digital solutions help reduce costs, increase productivity and streamline information exchange processes. Learn more about how document capture and conversion technologies can bridge the digitisation gap and drive digital transformation.

Language: English

New functionalities in your software product – with intelligent ABBYY technologies (18/07/2017)

Modern Technologies for Intelligent Information Processing help companies to optimise processes and implement new scenarios. ABBYY Software Development Kits (SDKs) enable you to enhance your software solutions with new and powerful functionalities. But which technology is right for you and your customers? Get to know the versatile ABBYY SDK portfolio and find the right solution for your innovative software products and ambitious customer projects.