ABBYY Mobile Web Capture

Mobile browser-based image capture.

Seamless customer experience for your mobile onboarding process.

Features & Benefits

ABBYY Mobile Web Capture can automatically capture the image of a document using a mobile web-browser and connects to the back-end system FlexiCapture Cloud to process and extract the data from the images in real-time.

Crafting a seamless customer experience is essential today

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Automatic image capture

Mobile Web Capture allows your customers to automatically capture images of documents using their mobile device to complete transactions using their mobile web browser without the need to physically snap a picture.

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Automatic document detection

Because of the intuitive capabilities built into Mobile Web Capture, the software automatically detects the ideal time to capture an image best suitable for OCR.

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Automatic pre-processing

Mobile Web Capture optimizes image quality by automatically detecting boundaries, cropping the document, and correcting its perspective.

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Speed the capture of customer information

Automatically capture identification, proof of residence or other relevant documents accurately during the registration and account-sign up process within the customer onboarding journey.

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Gain a competitive advantage

Provide your customers with a seamless customer experience within their onboarding journey while saving development resources, giving you a leg up on the competition.

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Enabling Content Intelligence

ABBYY Content Intelligence technology automatically makes customer information available to enterprise business systems faster in order to initiate support and complete transactions.

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Frictionless processing

Capture customer documents from a mobile device with a browser and route accurate information to processes faster and cheaper without the need for human intervention.

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Zero footprint architecture

Mobile Web Capture’s browser-based capabilities utilize a zero-footprint architecture that eliminates the need for users to download special software to capture the image.

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Process customization

ABBYY Mobile Web Capture allows for the development of custom solutions, support for specific business processes, and easy integration into enterprise workflows.

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Cross-device support

Mobile Web Capture supports smartphones or tablets by providing intuitive UI components and automatic image capture of documents, giving customers flexibility of the device used during the account sign up processes.

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Complete seamless onboarding process

Easily integrate Mobile Web Capture with ABBYY real-time processing backend FlexiCapture Cloud. Create seamless mobile onboarding account sign up processes by capturing images via a mobile web-based browser and extract data from it to automatically fill out forms. Code samples are available for easy integration.

Mobile Web Capture vs. Mobile Capture - Feature Comparison

Capacity Mobile Web Capture Mobile Capture
Automatic Image Capture + +
Image Crop + +
Image Export JPEG JPEG, PNG, PDF, WebP
Full Text OCR - +
BCR - +
Custom Data Capture - +