Why Healthcare Providers Should Address Underpayments and Undercharges

Healtchare Revenue Cycle Checklist

Recoup lost finances and uncover hidden sources of revenue

Many hospital revenue cycle teams are focused on helping their hospital regain financial footing following the pandemic. One way hospitals can recoup money owed to them is by pursuing underpayments from insurers and correcting undercharges.

In a recent webinar sponsored by ABBYY and hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review, industry experts discussed how hospitals are leaving millions of dollars on the table from underpayments and undercharging, and how they might solve this. This checklist reveals the five key takeaways from that discussion and also provides a link to the full webinar recording.

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  • Why new contracts are a common source of underpayment
  • The “most painful” kind of underpayment for providers
  • Which characteristics make an organization susceptible to underpayments
  • Why it’s necessary to link disparate data
  • How to build a business case to address underpayments and undercharges

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