Digitizing Mortgage Processing to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

PEX report

Digitizing Mortgage Processing to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge | PEX Report

Enhancing customer experience through the digital mortgage process

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the virtual mindset in the mortgage industry. This extended across the workforce and customer interactions. Fortunately, technologies have advanced rapidly to keep up with new demands. Moving forward, financial institutions must match that momentum. You can do this with tools that allow you to update and adapt processes to respond to rapidly changing conditions.

ABBYY collaborated with PEX Process Excellence Network to create this important report on digital mortgage processing. We offer an overview of the current state of digitization, along with actionable recommendation to overcome challenges that arise when digitizing the mortgage process.

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  • How Assurance Financial implemented an award-winning, online, end-to-end mortgage
  • Insights from MBANC on the benefits of digitizing the mortgage process
  • Expert recommendations on overcoming digitization challenges

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