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Drive Greater Business Value from Modern Cashflow and Payments with Intelligent Invoice Processing

Greater Business Value from Modern Cashflow and Payments - Intelligent Invoice Processing with ABBYY

Keys to streamline accounting processes to prioritize customer experience

In June of 2019, Gartner reported that the Intelligent Document Processing market could be expected to grow up to 80 percent in two years. Since the global pandemic began, the appetite for paperless processing has only grown. But digitizing paper assets is only the beginning of transformation. Many corporate Finance & Accounting organizations are now rethinking the way they are processing their newly digitized content.

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In Accounts Payable, employees spend almost 25 percent of their time dealing with invoice processing mishaps.* By chaining together document scanning, capture, workflow, and intelligence, Accounting has a tremendous opportunity to transform. This report, produced by SSON and sponsored by ABBYY, provides the following guidance:

  • What are the common pain points of paperless technology
  • How Intelligent Document Processing addresses those pains
  • How shifting repetitive work from employees to bots can make businesses more customer-centric
  • Detailed case studies of how organizations have succeeded with this approach in Finance & Accounting

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