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Know the Facts: Make better decisions and improve process execution through Process Intelligence



Richard Rabin 198X198
Richard Rabin 198X198

Richard Rabin

Product Marketing Manager, ABBYY

Process Intelligence provides an end-to-end view of your processes.

Webinar: You have automated to survive COVID-19, but what now?

This includes monitoring and alerting capabilities, a wide range of process metrics, and predictive analytics.

Beyond that, it allows users to define process behaviors of interest to them. This frees information that was once lost in raw data. So, behaviors that were once unobservable become known and actionable. Ultimately, this enables advances in reporting, compliance, automated control, and analytics.

This session highlights:

  • How to use Process Intelligence in your business and why
  • Use cases across various industries exploring how organizations began their Process Intelligence journey
  • Benefits and opportunities organizations have realized along the way

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