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Let’s Get Real: ABBYY x Arsenal Women

March 15, 2024

Curious about the perspectives of Arsenal Women Football Club’s players? Dive into the ABBYY x Arsenal Women Let’s Get Real series! Through these episodes, ABBYY and Arsenal Women are not only entertaining fans but also fostering a deeper connection with the audience, showcasing the passion and dedication that drive both the club and its partners.

In 2023, ABBYY joined the Arsenal family, becoming the Official Intelligent Automation Partner of Arsenal Women Football Club. Together, ABBYY and Arsenal are redefining what it takes to be a game changer through continuous innovation and commitment to excellence. Step into the action-packed partnership between ABBYY and Arsenal Women, where innovation meets excellence, in a three-part series.

In "Up Close and Personal," discover the stories and memories that shaped your favorite players. From childhood recollections to pivotal moments on the pitch, get to know the faces behind the jerseys in a whole new light. Plus, uncover quirky insights like Jen Beattie's humorous take on putting artificial intelligence to work: "I don’t know if this would be weird for the robot, but like shaving my legs," and Beth Mead's practical choice: "I think mine would be to cook."



Next up, "Game-Changing Moments" takes you on a thrilling journey through some of the most memorable highlights of the season. From dramatic comebacks to heart-stopping goals, experience the excitement of Arsenal Women's finest hours. Noteworthy quotes like, "Emirates just completely erupted, it was class," and "You don’t score four goals in 11 minutes without making every perfect decision," encapsulated the electrifying atmosphere surrounding these game-changing moments.



"This or That," the final installment, promises rapid-fire questions and answers that delve into the lighter side of the players' personalities.



The partnership between ABBYY and Arsenal Women brings the opportunity to share meaningful stories that resonates with fans and brings them closer to the game and its players.

Following the production of this content series, Jen Beattie departed from Arsenal Women. We extend our gratitude to Jen for her invaluable contributions to both Arsenal Women and our collaborative efforts with ABBYY. Her presence will be missed, but her legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of athletes and fans alike.

Jennifer Vitale

Jennifer Vitale

Jennifer Vitale is the Brand and Sponsorship Manager at ABBYY, dedicated to nurturing and managing partnerships like ABBYY’s sponsorship of the Arsenal Women Football Club, as well as enhancing the company’s brand visibility and attractiveness. With ten years of experience managing brand marketing and sponsorship efforts in the beverage industry, Jennifer has demonstrated superb skill in leading high-level events, campaigns, and promotions to yield transformative outcomes in sales and brand awareness. Her knack for collaboration with internal and external business partners at all levels has led to championship-level work with the Super Bowl and other international sports experiences.

Jennifer resides in Miami, and enjoys traveling and exercising in the year-round Florida sunshine.

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