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New Digital Intelligence Solutions Announced During ABBYY Reimagine

Bruce Orcutt

March 23, 2021

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This year at ABBYY’s virtual conference, ABBYY Reimagine, we are announcing new Digital Intelligence solutions that empower a wide range of users with new capabilities that make it easier than ever to add AI to intelligent automation platforms.

Whether you’re an executive leading enterprise Centers of Excellence, part of a management team leading departmental change, working within a consultancy group, VAR, or solution integrator, or are a citizen developer, our Reveal session will demonstrate how you can understand the impact of your documents and processes in relation to your overall operational excellence, and in turn, help you deliver exceptional customer journeys.

During the ABBYY Reimagine Reveal session, we are announcing

  • Vantage 2 and the ABBYY Marketplace, a no-code/low-code platform that delivers cognitive skills for RPA robots, automation systems, chatbots, and mobile solutions, and the first digital marketplace where organizations can discover, try, and purchase reusable AI skills for all types of content-centric processes.
  • Timeline for FlexiCapture, which adds connectors for the fastest growing Process Intelligence solution, Timeline, with ABBYY’s industry-leading Intelligent Document Processing platform to monitor the overall operational effectiveness of your capture system.
  • The power of the partner ecosystem to deliver advanced, integrated intelligent automation solutions to customers.
  • End-to-end process understanding powered by Capitalize Analytics, which aggregates critical data from various platforms including Alteryx, ABBYY Vantage, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics that can be used with Timeline for process understanding, Excel, Power BI, and Tableau Dashboards.

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You can watch the Digital Intelligence Reveal on Day 1, as well as industry solution sessions that address the pain points in insurance, financial services, supply chain/transportation and logistics, and healthcare featuring several customers. There are also technical tracks during Day 2 that will show how to solve the most challenging content, process, and analytic problems.

ABBYY launches no-code platform Vantage 2 and AI marketplace to reimagine digital transformation

ABBYY Vantage 2 empowers citizen developers to have more control within intelligent automation initiatives. The platform drives change across the entire organization by enabling business users to digitize operations faster without complete reliance on IT: with Vantage, they can derive critical insights from documents on a large scale. Through empowering individual users, Vantage allows business leaders to accelerate automation strategies, improve customer experience, lower risk, and increase productivity.

The new ABBYY Marketplace provides an extensive online collection of reusable technology assets, including cognitive skills for classification of documents and data extraction, ready-to-go process flows, and pre-built connectors. With more enterprises interested in the try-and-buy method, the Marketplace offers pre-trained skills for all types of documents like invoices, purchase orders, receipts, loan documents, insurance claims, bills of lading, and more. ABBYY partners also can contribute new skills and other technology assets to the Marketplace or utilize ready-to-deploy assets to speed up automation projects.

Blue Prism, Cognigy, EXL, Kryon, Micro Focus, NICE, Pegasystems, PwC, RoboRana, and other high-profile partners are already integrating Vantage 2 with their platforms. Out-of-the-box connectors are available for Alteryx, Blue Prism, UiPath.

ABBYY Vantage cognitive skills rpa

On Day 2, you can attend sessions with PwC demonstrating how they are leveraging cognitive skills and get a technical deep dive with ABBYY experts Bill Galusha and Stefan Schmainta.

See additional information in the press release or the Vantage or Marketplace web pages.

Discover the entire lifecycle of your documents with ABBYY Timeline for FlexiCapture

ABBYY Timeline for FlexiCapture is an intuitive, value-added solution that enables you to build a “digital twin” of your FlexiCapture processes, analyze them in real time to identify bottlenecks, and predict future outcomes.

The Timeline for FlexiCapture solution gives you a single place to track the lifecycle of every document you process, across every system it travels through. This visibility isn’t just nice to have; process accountability and a full audit trail of documents are essential for regulatory compliance. A prime example is invoices. If you can’t prove the exact steps an invoice has taken, across all processes and all systems, you increase risk for your company. The key to solving this is gaining full visibility of the entire process, through multiple systems, from scan to workflow to archive.

how vantage works

Find out how it can improve customer journey visibility, reduce time and manual effort, and provide end-to-end process visualization in more detail during Day 2 when Ezekiel Mathur presents during his session, Advanced Analytics ABBYY Timeline and ABBYY FlexiCapture Integration and ABBYY FlexiCapture Reporting Services.

Visit the FlexiCapture web page for more information about the Timeline for FlexiCapture solution.

ABBYY partner ecosystem promotes hyperautomation, value for customers

ABBYY will have several technology partners share how they integrate ABBYY Digital Intelligence to achieve intelligent automation leveraging multiple tools ranging from machine learning, analytics, process mining, business intelligence, and RPA. The integrated approach promotes what Gartner refers to as hyperautomation using best-in-breed technology. Partners presenting during ABBYY Reimagine sessions include Gold sponsors EXL, Blue Prism, and Alteryx, as well as other technology partners PwC and Capitalize Analytics.

ABBYY partners with Capitalize Analytics to deliver end-to-end process insight to achieve operational excellence

ABBYY has partnered with Capitalize Analytics, a business intelligence and consulting firm that specializes in leveraging data automation and monitorization tools to provide end-to-end process understanding of organizations’ operations. Capitalize Analytics provides consulting services to companies that leverage various platforms such as ABBYY Timeline, Tableau, Power BI, and UiPath and is an Alteryx North American Partner of the Year.

Capitalize leverages industry-leading solutions to enable companies to make better decisions by uncovering, discovering, and extracting what’s hidden within data, so leaders can understand that data, and make informed decisions to improve operational performance.

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During the ABBYY Reimagine Reveal session, Capitalize demonstrates using the Alteryx platform to analyze and monitor data from multiple sources. It starts with data incoming from unstructured invoices via ABBYY Vantage, customer information sourced from Salesforce, and purchase order information pulled from Microsoft Dynamics and shows how the various data can be fed into ABBYY Timeline for process understanding and also into Excel, Power BI, and Tableau Dashboard for additional analytics information.

A more detailed technical demonstration will be shown during a session with ABBYY, Alteryx, and Capitalize during Day 2. Information about combining Process Intelligence with analytics can be found at ABBYY+Alteryx solution page.

Our goal is to help you be confident that your innovation investments are spent wisely and will deliver exponential growth. ABBYY Reimagine was specifically designed with sessions that will increase knowledge workers’ productivity by 100% and enable you to become the catalyst for your “future of work.”

If you are unable to join us live, ABBYY Reimagine sessions will be available on-demand. I welcome you to contact me if you have any questions.

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