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ABBYY 2020 Favorites: Our Most Compelling Process Intelligence Stories of the Year

March 11, 2021

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Despite decades of history and knowledge, companies often struggle to manage processes that are very complex and dynamic. Interest in process mining has surged as organizations realize that the key to achieving breakthrough business results lies within optimizing their processes. Process Intelligence is an advanced approach, using techniques like task and process mining to help clients in a variety of industries to better connect their people, processes, and content, and quickly identify opportunities for improvements. It has sparked a better way to approach business improvement.

In the list below, we’ve curated our top picks for Process Intelligence articles from 2020 you might have missed: stories that pushed businesses towards a successful digital transformation, encouraged new approaches to processes, provided tips on how to be resilient, and more.

1. Q&A with Scott Opitz, CMO, ABBYY

Scott Opitz ABBYY CMO

After a 20-year tenure with the company, our Chief Marketing Officer, Jupp Stoepetie, retired in February of last year, and we announced the appointment of Scott Opitz as his successor. Workflow Magazine interviewed Opitz about his new role and talked about his biggest challenges, industry outlook, and more.

Read the article.

2. Successful Digital Transformation Starts with a True Understanding of Processes

Digital Intelligence empowers enterprises to make a tremendous impact where it matters most: customer experience, competitive advantage, visibility, and compliance. Ryan Raiker, Director of Digital Marketing and process expert, discusses how businesses need to have an in-depth understanding of their organization’s processes in his article with

Read the article.

3. Understand Your Business Processes or Risk Failing

Automation has fundamentally transformed the enterprise. From streamlining workflows and increasing operational efficiencies to improving the customer experience, automation enhances business-critical functions and accelerates digital transformation initiatives.

successful digital transformation team meeting

Robotic process automation (RPA) technologies enable employees to focus less on mundane tasks and more on high-value, creative, and relationship-oriented responsibilities that directly influence the bottom line. However, despite its significant benefits, RPA technologies by themselves aren't enough to deliver automation's full potential. Anthony Macciola, Chief Innovation Officer, advises organizations to use Digital Intelligence solutions to understand the context and meaning of content in this Forbes article.

Read the article.

4. A New Approach to Processes: Transforming Your Business and Navigating Change with Process Intelligence

From evolving customer demands, complex legal and regulatory environments, increasing amounts of data, and an unexpected global health crisis, organizations of all sizes and across all industries and geographical markets are being challenged in ways they have never seen before. In his article with Workflow Magazine, ABBYY CMO Scott Opitz talks about how organizations need to be agile and timely in effectively responding, adapting, and overcoming to best serve their customers, especially during times of change.

Read the article.

5. 3 Questions Every Leader Needs to Ask for a Resilient Supply Chain

While the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has fundamentally disrupted virtually every industry, it is perhaps the most pronounced in the supply chain. Three out of four U.S. companies report that their supply chains have been disrupted as a result of the crisis. Shipment delays and stock shortages have become common occurrences.

process improvement for supply chains

In late March, just a couple of weeks after a state of emergency was declared in the United States, it was reported that even Amazon was experiencing delivery delays as long as one month. ABBYY Vice President of Product Marketing Bruce Orcutt tells Supply & Demand Chain Executive that the supply chain needs to be able to pivot quickly in order to be resilient.

Read the article.

6. Revitalize Profit Margins By Fixing Broken Processes

In today’s climate, healthcare providers must protect their profit margins and obtain every dollar that is owed to them by insurance companies. Enhancing operational efficiencies and streamlining administrative processes can go a long way in reducing denials and minimizing the amount of re-work involved in billing workflows. Bruce Orcutt talks about the need for advanced solutions that can enable healthcare leaders to identify where their bottlenecks are and which processes are costing them money.

Read the article.

7. Task & Process Mining Clear Pathway for Dynamite RPA

Adrian Bridgwater, technology journalist, and his latest IDG Connect article explains that only by understanding the way digital business works at the most granular level and being able to categorize different workflows into defined discrete elements, can we manage people effectively and allow RPA bots to sit alongside their human counterparts with maximum efficiency. The article includes ABBYY as one firm operating in the “end-to-end” space.

Read the article.

process schema

ABBYY Timeline, a cloud-based platform, uses advanced task and process mining to deliver 360-degree visibility into business operations by combining insights from people, processes, and content. Learn more here.

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