Smarter Robots Handle the Unstructured Content

How Smarter Robots Handle the Unstructured Content | ABBYY Blog Post

With enterprise adoption of robotic process automation (RPA) set for hyper-growth, providing the technology with human-like capabilities to handle unstructured content remains a key challenge. In this piece, ABBYY's Bill Galusha looks at how Blue Prism is making its robots smarter with the use of intelligent capture technologies.

Please click here to read the article that Bill Galusha has written especially for ABBYY’s strategic partner Blue Prism’s Blog.

Digital Transformation Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Bill Galusha ABBYY

Bill Galusha

Vice President, IDP Product Marketing at ABBYY

Bill Galusha is Vice President, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Product Marketing. He works with global organizations to advance the understanding of their content with AI enabling digital skills to achieve better operational outcomes.

Bill Galusha is a veteran Product Marketing and Product Strategist professional with over 20 years’ experience in managing various enterprise software products and solutions. Bill joined ABBYY in March 2018 as Director of Product Marketing, responsible for leading the ABBYY intelligent document processing products and marketing strategy in growth markets like robotic process automation (RPA). Prior to joining ABBYY, he spent four years at Kofax where he led the Kofax RPA product and marketing strategy. Before Kofax, he spent seven years at EMC as a product marketing manager overseeing the EMC capture, Business Process Management, and case management products and solutions.

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