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ABBYY and Paper Terminal Announce New Relationship to Benefit Users

June 16, 2011

ABBYY FineReader Online and OCR Terminal Combine to Bring Users Together


ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, document capture, and linguistic technologies and services, and Paper Terminal, a provider of scanning and digitization solutions, reached an agreement in which users of the OCR Terminal service will have access to the benefits and exclusive offering of ABBYY FineReader Online*. As part of this relationship, over 100 thousand registered users of OCR Terminal, an online document conversion service developed by Paper Terminal, will be offered to switch to the ABBYY FineReader Online service that provides similar functionality. Underlying both services is ABBYY’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which converts scans and photos of documents into searchable and editable files. Working with ABBYY, those customers will enjoy the latest generation of OCR technology directly from the developer, as well as special service conditions including discounts and “free pages” for conversion.


“For former customers of OCR Terminal, the transition is going to be seamless,” explained Sergey Popov, director of FineReader Products Department at ABBYY. “Users will be able to access existing accounts and their new document conversion service without any delay. The customers will benefit from the newest OCR functions, and will be able to use other ABBYY online services.” Launched in 2008, OCR Terminal was among the first few services to offer pay-per-use OCR technology on the Web. Over the past few years, the online service has grown to become one of the most popular services in this space.


“To join with ABBYY is a great step forward for Paper Terminal,” said Sarabjit Singh, co-founder and director of Paper Terminal. “ABBYY develops one of the most advanced OCR solutions available today. I am sure our users will enjoy the accuracy, reliability and performance of ABBYY FineReader Online, as they have come to expect over the years from our OCR Terminal service.”


ABBYY FineReader Online converts scanned or photographed images of documents (e.g. JPG, TIFF, DjVu and others) and PDF files into popular document formats such as DOC, RTF, XLS, searchable PDF, and TXT formats. Leveraging the latest ABBYY OCR technology, it accurately recognizes text in 37 languages including documents with Latin, Cyrillic, Armenian, and Greek characters, and supports recognition of multilingual and multi-page files. It can process documents with any combination of popular fonts and accurately re-create formatting elements such as bulleted and numbered lists, columns, and tables. The OCR service from ABBYY requires no additional software to be installed and is accessible to any Internet user. For more information about the service, visit


OCR Terminal customers will be able to access and use ABBYY FineReader Online later this month with their existing login and password. All pages for document conversion obtained earlier with their accounts at OCR Terminal will be also available at ABBYY FineReader Online.


*ABBYY is a company unaffiliated with OCR Terminal, and use of ABBYY’s services will be subject to its own terms and conditions.

About Paper Terminal

Founded in 2007, Paper Terminal Pte Ltd is a Singapore based software company that develops web-based solutions for small and large businesses. The most popular of these is OCR Terminal, an online service designed and developed by the company to make it easier for individuals and businesses to digitize scanned documents. Over the last few years, Paper Terminal has developed expertise in a range of internet and cloud-based technologies, and currently works with a number of clients in the public and private sectors.


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