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ABBYY FineReader Engine Complements Kirtas' Sophisticated Digitization Systems

May 06, 2008

ABBYY FineReader Engine complements Kirtas' sophisticated digitization systems.

Kirtas Leverages ABBYY Technology to Accurately Capture 2,400 Pages Per Hour and Over 25,000 Books Per Month


ABBYY, a leading provider of recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies, today announced that Kirtas Technologies, a company that specializes in the digitization of books in libraries, government archives and corporate storerooms, uses the ABBYY FineReader Engine to accurately capture text and images from published works.


Kirtas Technologies developed an innovative solution that gently turns the pages of even the most fragile documents and books for clients such as Microsoft, LexisNexis, Yale University, Cornell University, and Johns Hopkins University. From its inception, the Kirtas team knew it would need a powerful and accurate tool to capture text and graphics and keep the elements intact and exact. Their needs mandated that they use an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution that could capture information in multiple languages and convert into multiple file formats, including PDF, XML, Word and text. With its intelligent recognition technology, the ABBYY FineReader Engine is utilized by Kirtas to precisely reconstruct documents and books in electronic form with original layout and formatting attributes.


"We looked at many different OCR solutions and found that ABBYY provided the best solutions for our specific needs," said Lotfi Belkhir, founder and CEO of Kirtas Technologies Inc. "Not only was ABBYY FineReader by far the most accurate, it also provided the best throughput and excelled in our reliability tests hands-down. Also, ABBYY had the best staff to assist in our software customization. We know their developers by first name, and they always work with us through our challenges until we are completely satisfied."


The ABBYY FineReader Engine supports and recognizes documents in 179 languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Armenian alphabets. It simplifies the capture process by automatically detecting the language of a document and allowing users to select any combination of languages to recognize multilingual documents. FineReader Engine also supports a variety of file formats, including PDF, PDF/A, HTML, Microsoft Word XML, DOC, RTF, XLS, PPT, DBF, CSV, and TXT.


"Kirtas Technology is a great example of how our software can be utilized and extended," said Dean Tang, president and CEO at ABBYY USA. "Kirtas selected our OCR technology and services to implement the most accurate and rapid capture of information from the most fragile and important sources of information from organizations throughout the world, ultimately preserving mankind's history for the enjoyment of future generations."


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